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How To Choose The Best Mattress For Your Home?

Only a few years ago, India’s mattress market was entirely dominated by the unorganised sector, comprising street-side shops and local ginners. However, with increased demand for good quality mattresses among consumers, the organised sector is catching up. Now major brands like Kurl-on, Springfit, Coirfit, Springwel and others contribute to increased sales of high-quality mattresses on the market.

Buyers can get overwhelmed with such varied choices of mattresses in a range of variants such as innerspring, foam, coir and memory foam. Thus, we have listed the various factors involved in choosing the best mattress available in the market.

Type of mattresses

These are the various mattress types people need to consider when searching for the best mattress.

  1. Coir mattresses: These are the cheapest options available and made up of dried coconut coir fibre mixed with a bouncy latex solution. These provide medium-firm support but are prone to sagging within a year of usage.
  2. Spring mattresses: This is the most common mattress-type in India and made up of metal springs/coils wrapped within a cushiony, layered fabric. These are priced affordably and provide a medium level of comfort. However, they are heavyweight and hard to clean.
  • Foam mattresses: Also known as PU foam mattresses, these are made of high-density PU foam. These are recommended for sleepers preferring an extremely soft sleeping surface though they provide inadequate support to the spine, neck and hips and have low air-circulation.
  1. Memory foam mattresses: Also made out of PU foam but with a different manufacturing process, a memory foam mattress is popular and can be considered the best mattress due to its extra softness. They are also known to relieve people’s sore pressure points. Thus, they are recommended by osteopaths for those suffering from body pain.
  2. Latex mattresses: A relatively new type in the Indian market, pure latex mattresses are highly elastic and bouncy due to their natural springiness. It provides maximum support to the spine and neck by conforming to the body shape. However, they tend to be pricey, costing several times more than foam mattresses.

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Comfort is subjective. Therefore, the perfect firmness for a mattress depends on the user. You can try out various mattress types in an offline store before deciding to buy a mattress online. Otherwise, you can use your weight to figure out what firmness is best suited for you.

For example, individuals weighing lesser than 65 kg would generally prefer extra-soft and soft mattresses, while those above 105 kg would sink too low on such mattresses. On the other hand, firm and extra-firm mattresses would be ideal for individuals with a higher body mass.


Pricing is always a crucial factor in choosing a mattress. Latex mattresses can cost similar to that of a bed. Thus, most individuals tend to avoid purchasing them, but they also provide optimal durability. Memory foam ones offer a better alternative as the best mattress for back pain at a much lower price. Ultimately, the choice boils down to which feels the most comfortable for you.

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Mattresses can determine the quality of your sleep. Improper choice of mattresses can also lead to muscular pain and other issues.

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