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Aastha Fertility Hospital in the Heart of Jaipur City

The magical feeling of being a parent cannot be described in words. It’s the best experience a couple can have. But some couples are unable to experience this feeling, because of infertility which affects their relationship and mental health too. Don’t worry about this anymore, as Aastha Fertility Center – best IVF hospital in Jaipur has a solution to all your issues, says Dr. Namita head of Aastha fertility center. 

The hospital has end to end solutions to all your infertility issues, best known for its ivf solution. The hospital is well equipped with all the advanced medical treatments, and a highly experienced team of doctors, to help you and guide you at every point of your treatment. The success rate of the hospital is around 90%, IVF being the most popular and successful procedure of the hospital. IVF is the most successful and cost effective method for treating infertility. IVF procedures success rate lies around 44-55% in the first cycle. Cost of IVF approximately is around 1,30,000 which is quite affordable. The hospital is located in the heart of the city, in a very well known locality and is well connected to the nearby areas.

IVF baby - best IVF hospital in Jaipur

How IVF helps to cure infertility-

The process is simple and generally involves 5 major steps. The main aim is to fertilize the female’s eggs with the sperm outside the female’s body in an artificial idle environment. The egg used in the process can be a patient’s eggs if they are of good quality, or donor eggs can be used, the quality of the eggs in a patient is directly proportional to the age of the patient. 

The fertilized egg is then kept under observation for a few days, after that the fertilized egg or the embryo is transferred back to the uterus. If the embryo attaches itself well to the wall of the uterus then a woman is pregnant. The confirmation of pregnancy is done through a blood test which will be done after a week of implantation.

IVF treatment in Jaipur

Why choose IVF over others-

The process is highly effective in curing infertility with a high success rate. The success rate of the procedure in the first cycle is almost 44-55%. The process takes account of infertility issues in both a man and a woman and is not restricted to just a woman. The cost of the procedure is also quite affordable and is around 1,30,000INR. The process of IVF is not age restricted, you can go through IVF at the age of 60 to conceive a baby and can be used an ample number of times until you are able to conceive a baby. The best part of the procedure is that the fertilized embryo can be injected to the patient’s womb or to the surrogate’s womb.

Where is the clinic located-?

The clinic is located in the center of the city, and is well connected to the city and outskirts of Jaipur. The clinic is located in C-scheme which is the sub part of Ashok Nagar, which is a prominent and a well known locality. The hospital is just at a distance of 4.5 kms from Jaipur Junction, which can be covered by taking a cab or a local bus. The distance between the hospital and Jaipur International airport is around 12.5kms if you take the route from Tonk road, and 11.6kms via Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg which can be easily covered by taking a local transportation or by a cab. The distance between Sindhi camp bus stand (main bus stand) and the hospital is just 2.3kms. 

If you are travelling from the nearby cities of Jaipur, from Tonk or Ajmer or any other, the railway line is well connected to these cities. You can even take buses from the cities to Jaipur, they are located within the range of 200kms and just take around 2-3 hrs to reach Jaipur. For more information regarding the exact location of the clinic, you can check out their official website and visit the best IVF center of the city which is Aastha Fertility Center. 

aastha fertility center

Why choose Aastha Fertility Center –

The only hospital in Jaipur to address all your infertility issues under one roof. The hospital is the first preference of a lot of patients for their fertility issues. The highly experienced teams of doctors are on their toes to give you the best solutions. The emotional support and the physical support given by the hospital makes them stand apart from all others; they address patient’s issues as their own and give the best possible treatments available. The hospital has been awarded by a lot of renowned personalities for their excellent work in treating infertility. A lot of patients have been praising the hospital’s services which can be seen in the testimonials.

“Nilofur from Jodhpur is extremely thankful and grateful to Dr. Namita Kotia and the hospital, to help her conceive and make her dream come true of being a mother.”

Dr. Namita Kotia-IVF hospital in Jaipur


The hospital is located in the heart of the city and is well connected to all the parts of the city and nearby places. One can book an online counseling session with the doctors to discuss their issues regarding infertility, and further procedures they should go through in order to cure infertility. To get more information regarding the services and the hospital, one can check out their official website and book your appointment with Aastha fertility center, which is also Jaipur’s best IVF  fertility center.

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