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Azure Data Engineer Certification Preparation

Azure certification is one of the most sought-after credentials by IT professionals wishing to build and advance their cloud technology careers. Microsoft Azure is a widely adopted cloud platform that offers a broad spectrum of cloud services, like storage, computing, networking, analytics, etc.

Azure certification by Microsoft demonstrates individuals’ commitment and dedication towards their profession and enthusiasm in learning cloud technology. It offers numerous job roles, like solutions architect, cloud architect, cloud developer, etc.  Moreover, this certification enables professionals to work in different industries, like finance, healthcare, government offices, etc.

Types Of Azure Certifications

There are 12 Azure certificates, divided into three different levels – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert.

  • Fundamental-level certifications are ideal for beginners or professionals with one to two years of hands-on experience in the cloud domain.
  • Associate-level Microsoft Azure certifications are intended for professionals with two or more years of working experience in the cloud.
  • Professionals with two to five years of experience in cloud technologies should take expert-level certifications.

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer

The Azure Data Engineer certification is an associate-level Microsoft certification. To earn this certification, individuals should hold in-depth knowledge of various data processing languages, like Scala, Python, SQL, etc. They should understand data architecture patterns and parallel processing.

Moreover, individuals should possess expertise in integrating, consolidating, and transforming unstructured and structured data into the most suitable structures required for developing analytics solutions.

This Microsoft Azure certification enables professionals to help stakeholders comprehend the data by developing and retaining secure pipelines using various tools and techniques.

Azure Data Engineers are responsible for:

  • Operating different Azure data languages and services for producing improved and cleansed datasets for analysis
  • Ensuring that datasets and data pipelines are well-organized, high-performing, efficient, and reliable within the given business constraints
  • Designing, developing, monitoring, and optimizing data platforms to satisfy the data pipeline requirements

Exams For Azure Data Engineer Certification

Individuals desiring to seek the Data Engineer badge have to appear for two examinations:

  • Implementing An Azure Data Solution – DP-200

This exam validates applicants for their expertise in implementing data storage solutions, monitoring and optimizing data solutions, and managing and developing data processing.

Implementing data solutions requires utilizing different Azure services, like Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Stream Analytics.

  • Designing An Azure Data Solution – DP-201

This exam tests individuals for their skills in designing Azure data storage solutions, designing solutions for data compliance and security, and designing data processing solutions. Azure services for DP-201 are the same as required for the above exam.

Preparation Tips For Azure Data Engineer Certification Exam

Earning any Microsoft Cloud certification allows individuals to acquire different job roles of cloud experts in cloud-based companies and get global recognition. Below tips will help clear both DP-200 and DP-201 exams to become Azure Data Engineer:

  • To start preparing for the Azure Data Engineer certification exam, you must outline a study plan and a timetable to do the same accordingly. Make sure you allocate an equal number of hours for each topic.
  • You can opt for top training centers, like Koenig Solutions, to gain a comprehensive knowledge of all concepts included in the examination. They also provide detailed course material that will help you in your preparation.
  • Refer to multiple resources, like websites, YouTube videos, forums, books, and you can also join study groups to gain practical knowledge.
  • Attempt numerous mock tests and solve several sample question papers. Doing this will help you understand the nature of questions. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate more on weak topics. Practicing multiple times will help you to be perfect in the examination.
  • While studying, you can extract short notes that can act as a summary for the entire syllabus. Reading these quick notes one day before the exam will help you revise all concepts.
  • Keep your mind relaxed and take a sound sleep before the examination.


Koenig Solutions is the most preferred choice of students for seeking Azure Certification training. Azure expert instructors train students to qualify for the exam and become Azure Data Engineers. There are hands-on labs available for practicing.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide accredited course material. Azure Certification cost at this training center is pretty lower than what the others charge.

So, register for the program today!


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