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Anonymous posting: Why is it a Necessity?

Every day, millions of people are publishing their writings on the Internet. Among them, there are thousands of people who prefer to post anonymously. To make anonymous publishing easier, some websites and forums were created, such as The Doe.

This high demand for anonymous posting is great evidence of how much people need to express themselves.

Anonymous posting means that the writer publishes his or her text, with a hidden or unknown identity. Perhaps people resort to this type of publishing as it provides multiple advantages.

Through anonymous posting, people can protect themselves from negative consequences, while expressing themselves.

For example, a writer might want to prevent any negative reactions about a controversial and inflamed topic he or she might discuss. As the topic may deal with sensitive issues such as gender, religion, or politics, which are topics that often lead to division in society. But at the same time, discussing these issues may lead to a dialogue between members of society, which may lead to the progress of society in the long run. In other words, anonymous posting stimulates public debate on difficult topics. In this way, the writer will add important information and knowledge to the culture of the readers.

Also, through anonymity on the Internet, individuals will feel free, and will not be afraid of anything. They will be more honest. For example, it becomes easy for a customer to object to a service in a particular hotel or criticize a decision taken by the country’s government. Noting that many criminals were arrested because people with an unknown identity reported them. Many countries today encourage citizens to report corruption cases with an emphasis on keeping their identities confidential. This has greatly contributed to combating corruption in societies. Therefore, anonymous posting is an essential pillar for the progress of societies and the strengthening of democracy.

Without the ability to publish anonymously, people who live in dictatorships or totalitarian regimes can not express their opinions or exchange information among themselves for fear of arrest and imprisonment. There are many people in society such as opponents, minorities, people with different cultures, or those with distinct attitudes. They will not be able to express their thoughts without anonymous posting.

The fear for freedom has prompted several countries around the world to establish the right to publish anonymously and consider it a fundamental pillar that it is not acceptable to compromise. Among those countries is the United States of America, in which Congress passed a law that prohibits infringement of this right and requires resistance to any future project that leads to the deprivation of this right.

An advantage of anonymous posting is that it encourages people to better talk about their problems. For example, if a person suffers from a certain mental disorder but is ashamed to openly tell others about his/ her suffering due to fear of ridicule, then his or her condition may worsen. In this case, anonymous publishing is the best solution. As the person will then speak without hesitation and share his/ her experience with people indirectly. Thus, a person will get the necessary support from others who may have suffered from the same condition.

People must share their thoughts with others. Sharing ideas is a necessity as it helps to improve society. If the freedom of expression is not okay, our world will not be okay. Therefore, people must defend the right to post anonymously.

Now, are you ready to share your thoughts?


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