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Entertainment is a luxury not everyone can afford. The reason being that many OTT platforms charge exuberant money for their services and therefore it becomes hard for many people to see the serials, movies, documentaries, sports, etc. which are liked by them. To solve that problem, apps like Thop TV were developed but the problem with Thop TV and similar apps like Thop TV is that they are prone to many problems such as stopping while using, lagging, hanging, etc. If for some reason your version of Thop TV app is not working or is giving you too many problems, then you can try using the following apps which are considered the best Thop TV alternative apps.

  • OREO TV: Oreo TV is known for the premium content that it provides without charging its users any money. It has a wide range of series, movies and so much more which a person can watch for free. Oreo TV despite being as good as Thop TV, has not gotten the attention that it deserves and people turn to this app only when Thop TV is not working, which is absolutely fine, but this Thop TV alternative app should be given more attention for the content that it has is truly out of the world. If you are in a mood to enjoy your favorite shows, then you must download the Oreo TV app from any website that has its apk available. All you need to do is to search for “How to download Oreo TV apk” and you will be able to download the app soon after.
  • LIVE NET TV: As the name suggests, it is an online application that can be downloaded when your Thop TV app is not working. Using this app enables you to watch thousands of series, movies, news, cartoons and so much more. Also, the best thing about this application is that it is accessible from a lot of countries and it serves the content depending on the location you have set for yourself. The application provides you with exceptional quality content which can be viewed by using a decent internet connection. You can download it by following the same step as you did for downloading the Oreo TV app, just change the search keywords to “How to download Live Net TV apk”.
  • AOS TV: If you are based in any Asian country, then you must download this app in case your Thop TV application has ceased to work. The app is specifically designed for the entertainment of Asians as it provides a lot of paid content for free. You can watch your favorite series, sports, movies, or news on this app without spending a single penny.

So, these apps can be tried if your Thop TV stops working and it can be bet on that none of the apps mentioned above would disappoint you with the kind of content they have and the smoothness with which they operate. So, download any of these apps for a great experience while watching your favorite shows.

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