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Who is eligible for Instagram verified?

Before getting the services of Instagram, it is important to clear that you should only buy verified Instagram account. Verified Instagram accounts are those accounts which that are authentic for using public, brand promotion as well as celebrity following. There are lots of websites which are creating fake Facebook, Twitter as well as other social apps. And then think that if some websites can create fake accounts of other social apps, then they can create fake accounts of Instagram. So you should avoid from such websites, because these accounts can be prove threaten for your business in future.

Eligible for Instagram verified

There is no limitation of getting Instagram accounts for business and personal life and anyone can apply for getting verified Instagram account. However, it is not possible for all people to get only verified Instagram accounts. if you are using other social apps like Facebook and Twitter, then you can check the reality of these accounts through blue mark. While there is no method of checking the verification of Instagram accounts. The attacks of blackmailing to Instagram are increasing and there are multiple people who are using and creating fake Instagram accounts. However, here are some tricks and terms of using only verified Instagram accounts.


Before getting Instagram accounts, it is important to become real person. It means that you are real person; you have a registered business and brand. However, it is important to use verified accounts, but you for using these accounts; you are not a fake person or business.


There is limitation of using Instagram for business and personal purpose. If you are using Instagram accounts for personal use, then you should only a single Instagram account.


It is important to note here that you should only buy official Instagram accounts and don’t move to private Instagram accounts. Because private Instagram accounts considered fake while official accounts are real and authentic accounts.

Complete bio data

If you want to get real and verified accounts, then it is important identity to buy such accounts which have complete profile bio data. Because verified accounts have complete detail about these accounts and there is also profile pictures of your Instagram accounts.

Important features

In verified Instagram accounts, you will get all types of old and latest features. While in unverified Instagram accounts, there will be lack of some important features.

It is important to note here that if you have all things which we have discussed above in your Instagram accounts, then these are real and verified. While if there is lack of such things, then it means that you are using fake accounts for your business and personal purpose.

How to get verified Instagram accounts?

If you want to get verified accounts on Instagram, then you should follow some easy and few steps. These steps are discussing below.

  1. Open your Instagram account and then click on icon that is right top side.
  2. There will be opened some options and you should select settings.
  3. When you will select settings, and then click on “Account”.
  4. As we are discussing about verification of Instagram accounts, so you can select “Request verification” for getting your purposes.
  5. You will get application form after selecting request verification. When you will chose it, then you will need to enter some information like your original name, working name, about your business as well as you should select profile picture. When you have completed these steps, then press on send.

If you were using fake Instagram account, then when you will follow these steps, then your Instagram account will become real and you can use it as you want.

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