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Athletic Shoes: Are Branded Models Worth The Price Tag?

Unless you’re a millionaire that can afford it, you’ve probably contemplated buying cheaper generic versions of athletic shoes. After all, the rest of your clothes are unbranded – why should you pay the higher price for shoes?

Design Features Of Branded Shoes

The main reason you should get branded athletic shoes is because of their design – and we don’t mean aesthetically. Big name brands put a lot of thought and planning into the design of athletic shoes, because they want to ensure the best quality for their customers. If you’re ever wondering are nobull shoes worth it – this is what you’re paying for when you buy them. You are paying for the hard work they had to do in order to ensure that consumer reports will repeatedly show that they are comfortable and of high quality. 

Longer Life Spans Due To Better Materials

Big name brands put a higher price tag on their shoes and so they can afford higher quality materials and a better manufacturing process. Due to that, you can get more use out of the shoes before they need to be replaced. Generic shoes focus on cheaper production costs in order to be able to lower their prices drastically. Of course, this will include lower quality materials, and they may even use cheaper manufacturing methods as well. The result? Cheaper quality shoes – you get what you pay for here.

Why Does The Quality Of Your Athletic Shoes Matter?

When you buy dress shoes, or any other shoes for the matter – you’re primarily wearing them to be fashionable. Yes, they have a function, but your choice is based on what you think looks good. So you might like cheaper shoes just because they look better in your opinion, and that’s fine. But athletic shoes have to be functional or else they’re pointless. If your running shoes don’t have added traction to the soles, you might as well be running in a brand new pair of slippery dress shoes. 

So, buying high quality athletic shoes serve a purpose and a function – not only will they last long, but they will likely protect you from the injuries associated with athletic activity. For example, basketball shoes are designed to prevent ankle injuries that are likely to occur from the fast turns and movements that basketball players need to perform when they are on the court. Soccer shoes have added cleats to facilitate running better in the comparatively softer grass fields. The cost of injury is higher than that price tag of branded shoes, so try not to opt for generic brands.

In short, buying branded athletic footwear is about more than fashion. There is a valid reason for buying big name brands in this case. In fact, some people find that they are better off buying used (branded) footwear from a thrift store, and prefer it to buying generic shoes. The quality, durability and comfort of shoes with a big name brands cannot be compared, and they are certainly worth the price.

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