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Lose Weight For The Right Reasons

It sounds like a broken record. Woman have been asking to be left alone for years, the feminist movement started decades ago and yet women still feel the pressure to look and dress a certain. Despite all out talk of being inclusive, mass media still forces the concept of weight loss on women. And we’re part of the problem.

Too Many Of Us Give In Too Easily

While it is completely a woman’s choice whether she wants to go on a diet or not, it seems that many of us decide to do so for the wrong reasons. Here’s a story you’re probably familiar with: For Rachel Maddow weight loss started when she began taking Garcinia Cambogia pills because she couldn’t handle the comments anymore. If she held her ground and ignored the comments, many of us wouldn’t be tempted to give in like she did. But we can’t blame her, can we? Many of us give in to the patriarchy for far less pressure.

Toxic Femininity

We’ve all heard of the toxic male shoving their thoughts on us and mansplaining. But what about us women? How many of us are advocating for the patriarchy? Whenever a woman gains weight during pregnancy, there’s bound to be some fitness fanatic telling her how she bounced back after the pregnancy weight, and returned with a more womanly figure. We need to stop treating each other so badly. There isn’t a ‘right’ way to be a woman, and weight loss shouldn’t be about anyone but yourself. 

Valid Reasons To Lose Weight

Most of us start thinking about weight loss because we worry about other people’s opinions. Again, it’s your body, and it’s no one else’s business. Here are some valid reasons for starting your weight loss journey:

  • You want to improve your fitness level from Protetox reviews. This has nothing to do with how you look, but everything to do with the way you feel (physically). You don’t want to be out of breath all the time, or you want to be able to go hiking or participate in any other physical activity.
  • You want to improve your health. High blood sugar? Your doctor is warning you about eminent cardiac problems? Regardless of the health issues you have, losing weight for a medical condition is about taking care of your body. It isn’t about anyone but you. 


You should only consider making drastic changes to your lifestyle when you feel that you’re doing it for you. This is one of those things you are allowed to be selfish about, because your body belongs to you – and you alone. Don’t let anyone, male or female, tell you what to do. We are all beautiful regardless of our size. The sooner we all realize that, the sooner we can be more supportive of each other. If you see someone who is trying to lose weight, encourage them. If they don’t want to lose weight, then it’s their prerogative. We should all be nicer to each other, and stop inadvertently acting in lieu of toxic men.

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