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Benefits of Field Employee Tracking App to Manage Your Business

Managing a business is not easy, considering all the things you have to do. Monitoring your employees is one of those things and probably the most challenging of all.

As a business manager or owner, you need to know everything that’s going on in your enterprise. Manually tracking your employees is just impossible, even for one location. You don’t want to imagine the situation, managing multiple locations, or maybe working in the field, like in construction, delivery services, etc. But technology has made life so much easier thanks to the invention of the field vaccine tracking apps for employees.

With an employee tracking app, you can track your employees’ locations and their activities, including what they browse and the apps they use.

Why is this so important?

Below are some benefits of a field employee tracking app

Reducing Time Wastage

Imagine paying your employee their full monthly salary, yet in between, they waste at least 1 hour of their working time every day. In 30 working days, that’s a total of 30 hours gone to waste. If that happens with 2,3 or more employees, how many wasted hours will you pay for in 1 year? And what will that do to your business?

The wasted time will eat into your productivity, affecting your overall business performance. If you have a field audit app, you should find that out sooner rather than later and rectify the issue.

According to a recent construction report, 56% of company owners in the construction industry spend at least 11 hours every week traveling between sites to check on their employees. They further spend 4.5 hours scheduling crews and another 3.9 hours on accounting and payrolls. That leaves only 20.6 hours to do actual work.

An employee tracking app makes it easy to delegate tasks to your employees and monitor their movements and activities in real-time, eliminating the need to travel from one location to another. That gives you more time to focus on other productive tasks.

Increased Transparency and Accountability

There are so many things that you’ll know working with an employee tracking app that you wouldn’t otherwise find out. These include

  • When each of your employees starts and stops working
  • The exact amount of time each employee spends working or wastes on social media or unrelated tasks
  • When an employee shows up to work late
  • When an employee doesn’t show up to work at all etc

This information allows you to classify each of your employees according to their performance and ensure fair remuneration. You can also reward your top-performing employees and motivate the underperformers to work harder and become more productive.

Eliminates the Need to Micromanage

Micromanagement often demoralizes the morale of your employees.

However, without the right tool, you’ll have no choice but to result in constantly supervising your employees. Eventually, you’ll find yourself micromanaging, which is what you are trying to avoid.

With a field marketing tracking app, you’ll always know everything that’s going on in your business without having to micromanage your employees.


With a field employee tracking app, you can ensure

  • Accountability and fairness in your business
  • High productivity and performance
  • Competitive working environment
  • Better record keeping etc

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