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Benefits of Using Basic Coatings

When it comes to keeping your floors well maintained, using high-quality products is essential. This can mean the difference between having floors that are in great condition and floors that are worn out and need replacing. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can be used to help coat and protect your floors and ensure that they are durable and free of scratches, dents, and other damages. With that in mind, here is a look at the benefits of using Basic Coatings® products.

Far from your typical finishes, our products are in a class all their own, and provide you with the following benefits:

Wide Variety of Products

No matter if you are looking for a floor sealer, floor stain, a recoat bonding agent, or any other related products, we offer high-quality products for you to choose from. In terms of design options, those who choose products from Basic Coatings® can choose from clear, traditional, and warm amber finishes, and a variety stain color options that include oak, hickory, and slate. Our latest product, HyperTone Stains, is available in 14 convenient colors, making it one of the most versatile floor stains in the industry.


Our products are green-friendly. In fact, they are one of the leading providers of low VOC, NMP-free, and low-impact green products for all hardwood floor types. Also, our sustainable, water-based products have a low level of odor, making them much safer to use in areas of all kinds.


Our products consist of only water-based sealers and finishes. This means they are not flammable or combustible and much safer than typical oil-based sealers and finishes. Using water-based products also helps in terms of the speed of application: users can apply more coats and at a quicker speed when compared to their oil-based counterparts. Multiple coats can be applied in one day taking less time to dry and the floor can be back in use faster.

Premium Durability

When it comes to protecting your floors, you should only use products that offer durability. Otherwise, you will be stuck applying it repeatedly, and your floors may even become damaged despite these applications. However, we offer products that offer a high level of durability. In fact, some water-based flooring solutions have been proven to be up to 5 times more resistant to wear and tear than oil-based products.

If you are seeking premium-quality products for your floor, Basic Coatings® is an excellent choice. Our products make floors more durable, abrasive-resistant, all while promoting a more sustainable world. Contact us today to discuss your options and find out how we can better assist you in coating and protecting your floors.

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