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Braces Versus Aligners

Everyone wants a perfect set of straight, healthy teeth so that they can show off their smiles. But the process of getting straight teeth is a tough and long one. There are many choices you have to make and sometimes, all you need is a bit of guidance! One way of finding out the orthodontic treatment that works best for you is by visiting Dr. Imran Zia. You can get a proper consultation from a trained professional. Or, you can stick around and go through the rest of the article!

One of the many tough choices is choosing between braces and aligners. You can start by understanding the difference between the two:

  • Braces

Braces are a treatment made of arch wires and brackets. They are available as an option to almost every patient. Aside from the traditional metal ones, braces are also made of porcelain and ceramics. Their main job is to shape and move your teeth in a safe and effective manner.

  • Aligners

These are made of plastic and are customized to fit your teeth. They work by slowly moving the teeth towards their supposed position. Additionally, fillings of composite resin are attached to some teeth to help the aligner grip them so they can move properly.

Both braces and aligners have their own benefits and problems. Let’s look at each carefully so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself!

 Advantages of Braces

  • Widely Applicable

Braces can be used to treat almost everyone. They are always available as an option, and work for any age, which makes them a viable choice.

  • Permanence

Braces cannot be removed. This means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to wear them, or lose them. So if you are someone who isn’t motivated to go ahead and wear something on your teeth each day, braces are a good option for you.

  • Variety

Braces come with a huge variety, giving a lot of options to patients. You can choose between metal, ceramic, porcelain, and you can also pick colors!

  • Affordable

While orthodontic treatments are usually costly, braces are more affordable than other options. This makes them a good choice if you have a limited budget.

Disadvantages of Braces
  • Countless appointments

Appointments for braces are usually longer and require more attention. Active adjustments need to be made so visits to the dentist in johar town lahore are more frequent and so, the entire process can take a toll on patients.

  • Discomfort

Braces can be quite uncomfortable, which makes them an intimidating choice. They can rub on your cheeks and lips causing minor injuries

  • Restrictions on the diet

Hard foods might be difficult to chew, and oftentimes people with braces have to opt for foods that are soft and require little to no chewing. Sugary, sticky foods also have to be avoided.

  • Difficulty in maintaining hygiene

It is quite a challenge to clean your teeth when wearing braces. Since they cannot be removed, you have to learn to get in the nooks and crannies to really get the dirt out.

  • Appearance

Braces are quite noticeable, and can make one feel self-conscious. This is why a lot of times, people hesitate while opting for them.

 Advantages of Aligners

  • Comfort

Aligners are much more comfortable than braces and also cause less irritability.

  • Hygiene

Since aligners are easily removable, cleaning your teeth isn’t a hefty task.

  • Diet

Some foods can still be difficult to eat since your teeth can get sensitive, but because aligners are removable, overall your diet isn’t really affected.

  • Appearance

Aligners are less noticeable than braces, since they’re clear and customized.

  • Appointments

Visits are pre-planned and much simpler, which makes aligners a better option for people who have busy lives.

 Disadvantages of Aligners

  • Cost

Aligners are more expensive than braces, which is a drawback for people who have a limited budget.

  • Compliance

Aligners have to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. This can be a challenge for people who have difficulty following routines. Aligners also need to be removed for eating and cleaning, and some people can feel conscious doing that in public.

  • Effectiveness

Aligners are usually an option for simple cases, which makes them a limiting choice if your case is complicated.

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