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Choosing between matte or polished quartz countertops

Choosing a perfect counter is not that simple. You have to consider its material, color, design, edge, and finish. All of these elements are vital to make the best decision. In this case, quartz countertops have natural shine and gloss. It does not take much effort to keep them shining. But, you can enhance its beauty by choosing the best finish.

In general, most slabs come with two types of finishes: matte and polished. Well, most people think of polished rather than matte ones. Although, the matte finish is trending these days with its ultra-modern outlook. Also, there is a third one that has a leather finish. It is similar to the honed surface. But, it is best suited for rustic kitchens. 

For quartz, both matte and polished surfaces work very well. But, they differ in terms of looks, care, and style. Below are some points to draw a comparison between the two finishes:

  1. Visual appeal
  2. Durability
  3. Care and maintenance
  4. Stain resistance
  5. Scratch resistance
  6. Modern or traditional
  7. Availability
  8. Affordability 

Matte vs Quartz countertops

Visual appeal:

Quartz has a natural sheen on countertops. While most people love the glossy look, others prefer matte counters. Matte finish, also known as the honed finish, has a concrete look to it. Also, it does not have any texture, as it is a plain surface with no shine. Many people are in awe of this matte look. In addition, it is less reflective of light, which makes it perfect for larger kitchens.

Polished, on the other hand, is much reflective of light. It works as a mirror with your lighting, which makes it ideal for small kitchens. That is why it makes your place look bright and glossy. Most people go for a polished finish on kitchen counters. But, matte quartz is selling like hotcakes. 


Both matte and polished surfaces require care to last long. For polished quartz, acidic spills and sticky food chunks can damage its gloss. In contrast, the matte finish stays well for a long time. But, its durability depends on the way you use its surface. 

Care and maintenance:

The main difference lies in terms of their care and maintenance. Well, both the finishes need great care. But, matte quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain. They can hide stains and scratches pretty well. Also, smooth surfaces have no texture to protect. Regular care and cleaning are enough to keep its look.

In comparison, it is a task to maintain glossy surfaces. In addition, you need to be mindful of its care to keep its luster. As you know, polished quartz reflects light that shows stains readily. So, even a minor scratch and acidic spills can take away its natural gloss. 

Stain resistance:

All kitchen counters are supposed to resist stains and other liquids. Plus, the finish you choose also provides protection. In this case, matte quartz does not show stains and smudges. Its plain surface can hide most of the mess and food crumbs. Some colors like concrete grey are the best matte surfaces for quartz. They can conceal stains as if they do not exist.

On the other hand, polished quartz has a shiny surface. Its glossy top may reveal stains and spills. But you can wipe it in a single move. Still, they might show the spots from afar. But, they can also hide minor flaws and mess.

Scratch resistance:

Every kitchen counter is prone to scratching. But, your finish can do wonders to keep its natural beauty. In this case, matte surfaces can show scratches more than polished ones. In general, they are plain and dark in color. That is why they reveal all the scratches as a result of knives. But, you can make it right by using cutting boards.

Moreover, polished quartz with its natural gloss can handle scratches. Well, knives do cause some surface damage, but the sheen can hide it very well. Unlike the matte finish, the glossy surfaces do not show your fingerprints. 


Due to its demand, polished finishes are readily available in the market. Many top surfaces are there in a few editions. So, you can also choose laminate polish with an extra glow. But, if you want other stuff in the limelight, go for hones surfaces. 

In contrast, some slabs are not available in matte finish. These things have some limitations. But, quartz in matte finishes is trending these days. That is why it is out there in many colors and designs. In most cases, uptown grey and concrete quartz are leading the race. Still, it is not at hand with the polished finishes. 

Modern or traditional:

Any quartz is best for both a modern and traditional outlook. For polished surfaces, they are best for both kitchen styles. But, matte, on the contrary, is more suitable for modern kitchen setups. It complements the less is more thing. But, you can make a traditional kitchen look rustic with matte finishes. 


As polished is a typical finish for most counters, it does not cost more or extra. But, matte is optional as it might add to your costs. That is not always the case.


In the case of kitchen countertops, both matte and polished finishes are valuable additions. Not one is better than the other. But, one can have benefits over the other. For quartz countertops, the two finishes work differently. If matte is plain, polished reflects light and natural gloss. Also, matte is easy to maintain than the latter one. 

So, choose the more appealing finish that works well for your kitchen. In this case, silver marble granite offers the best finish in kitchen slabs.

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