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Comparing rotman vs schulichmba to give a right career insight:

The MBA program offered by the RotmanSchool and the University of Toronto’s faculThisprogramis programs combines graduate training in managelawdegreegree in law. This is a recognized business school in Canada that consistently gains its place in the top 20 universities, and it known for its thought leadership and faculty research.

The Schulich MBA program offers the ability to customize the MBA degree by offering an option to complete the MBA degree in either 16 or 20 months and there is also an option to study part-time. And if you have the requisite work experience with an undergraduate degree, then the students will get qualifeight-montheight month accelerated MBA. Let us do a comparative study on Rotman vs Schulich MBA.

Rotman Vs Schulich MBA:

The objective of the Executive MBA in Rotman is to offer the opportunity for the participants to earn a professional degree in management when they are still working in an organization. Rotmanoffers an Executive Diploma in Human resource management for working executives and started this consolidated program in human resource management in the year 2005. The ultimate aim of the program is to offer an opportunity for candidates to study and earn an executive diploma in human resource management without getting their career interrupted. There are 50 days of intensive learning in the campus, thorugh 5 visits. The course is project-based and includes lecture series, group work, lecture series, assignment, and dissertation.

The duration of the course is about 16 months, term-1 to term-5 are for contact classes and term-6 is for dissertation. Each of this course consists of 12 sessions of 90 minutes’ duration each. The program incorporates a dissertation and will be initiated in the fourth term and gets completed by the end of the 6th term.The ideal candidate should possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any discipline and have five years of full-time post-degree experience in managerial positions. The candidates who satisfy this eligibility criterion will be shortlisted and called for interview either personally or over skype. The final selection of the candidates will be based on their performance in the interview.

The Executive online MBA program at Schulich is delivered in three phases, namelyEssentials of management, Practice of management and cross-functional management. The program features 17 core courses for a more specialized learning experience. There is also a comprehensive range of elective courses to target the increasing demands of management education. The academic learning session culminates with a research project.The applicant must possess a valid university graduate degree to apply for executive MBA. They should have a minimum of five years’ full-time work experience before applying for the program

Bottom line:

The ultimate aim of the Executive MBA program is to recognize the leaders within the candidate and hone their skills and knowledge to help them make winning decisions in the organization. After comparing Rotman Vs Schulich, we can conclude that both these institutes are the best places to learn EMBA and offer excellent placement opportunities with fat paychecks guaranteed.

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