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Diabetes Management – Implementing the Proper Methods and Tools

In order to avoid long-term complications such as amputation, blindness and damage to the different body organs, diabetes management is a serious undertaking that every afflicted person should handle. The objective is to maintain the blood sugar level within the bounds of the standard level and this requires the help of dedicated healthcare professionals.

Then he prescribed me a drug to control my glucose. The outcome wasn’t too good as I only managed to bring down my blood sugar analysis by about 30 mmol/l hence the doctor increased the dosage of my medication. In the meantime five years went by taking my diabetes treatment and I started having side effects to the medication. My head felt light, my thought were confused, I suffered lack of concentration and was feeling always drowsy managing hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients.

Tips on diabetes management:

  1. Dietitians play a vital role in the planning of a balanced diet. The consistency of the daily foods to eat should be there, taking into consideration the proper nourishment factors. Improper food intake coupled with medication may result to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) or promote excessive eating that can elevate the level of blood sugar (hyperglycemia).
  2. Regular exercises from 30 to 60 minutes a day will improve the sensitivity of the body to insulin and the muscles can use the extra glucose for energy. Exercise should be properly coordinated with the doctor in case any changes in the diabetes treatment plan becomes necessary. Discontinue the exercise regimen if you experience shortness of breath, chest pain or dizziness and report the matter immediately to your doctor.
  3. Medications if taken properly and in the right dosage are considered as effective tools in diabetes management. Read the label for the right storage as well as check the date of expiry. If other illnesses are being treated aside from diabetes, discuss the matter with your doctor. There maybe some contra-indications in the new drug prescribed if taken simultaneously with the diabetes medical management of hyperglycemia.
  4. In case of illness, the body produces more hormones which will raise the level of blood sugar thereby rendering insulin as ineffective. Always focus on the medications and the meal plan. Never buy over-the-counter medications as it may contain a high dosage of sugar; e.g. cough syrups.
  5. A diabetes medication combined with alcohol can make the blood sugar very low. Instead of the liver producing the needed stored sugar to neutralize the lowering of the blood sugar, it will be diverted in metabolizing the alcohol. It can result to damaged nerve and eye disease. If there is a doctor’s approval to drink alcohol, it is best to count the calories of your drink. Indulge only in dry wines and light beer because of their low calorie and carbohydrate contents if compared to the regular alcoholic beverages.
  6. Look for consistencies in the blood sugar level a week before the menstrual period. The blood sugar level is usually affected during this period so that changes in the meal plan, medications and exercise will be adjusted. Menopausal stage can also influence the outcome of the level of the blood sugar.
  7. When you are drained of energy or under stress which is normal for people with diabetes, the tendency is to refrain from the set diabetes program. This will not only worsen the diabetic condition because the production of insulin might be affected. Be sure to handle stress through proper relaxation. Further, try any sports activities like bowling, swimming, basketball, just to name a few, in order to deviate from the usual scenario.

Diabetes is a disease that is attached to you on a permanent basis. There may be no cure but there is the diabetes management methods and tools to make life easier if you will strictly adhere to them. Some diabetics have rebelled against this while some do not care at all. The rest however, do their best to adhere. The decision to choose remains in you, but it is best for you to decide wisely.


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