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Enjoy Space on a Catamaran Sailing Holiday

If you are planning for a sailing vacation, you must have explored several options like which type of vessels you should hire to make the vacation smooth and where to go. Since there are plenty of options available, it would be the best thing to hire the most popular vessel that can truly make your vacation enjoyable. A catamaran is perfect to meet your vacation needs. 

More Space to Accommodate More Passengers 

A catamaran sailing charter is the best option to choose when you want to take a sailing vacation. This is because this type of boat has several rooms that allow the passengers to enjoy the sailing vacation to the fullest. The second thing is that, when you have plenty of rooms, no matter how many passengers you are, you can truly reside in these rooms without compromising privacy. 

A typical catamaran sailing yacht has mainly 4 private double cabins with 2 of them reserved for the captain and the crew. If you are chartering the catamaran and handling the sailing by yourself, these extra cabins could be used for the children. A sailing vacation on a catamaran is the best idea, especially for a family vacation where all the family members can be easily accommodated and can spend quality time together.  It’s not as expensive as you think – a yacht charter in Corfu is only €400 a head in May.

Latest Amenities to Enjoy the Trip 

Most of these catamarans are studded with the latest amenities including cooling fans in the cabin and salon. There are also freshwater transom showers so that you don’t have to take bath in the salt waters while you are on a long vacation on your catamaran. There are several electronic items you can also find onboard the catamaran and these are including GPS, satellite TV, VHF radio, and many more that make your time completely enjoyable.

There is no need to stick with a specific food menu because the catamaran has a refrigerator onboard that can keep your fruits or other food items fresh for a long time and you can use them to prepare your food whenever you want. Some catamarans have barbeque and micro ovens that allow the passengers to taste the freshly caught seafood. 

Enjoy the Beautiful Sun and the Breathtaking Scenery 

When you choose a catamaran for a sailing vacation, you will get a spacious deck where you can sunbathe and can use that as a diving platform or just sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. The cockpit of the catamaran sailing charter is also quite spacious and has a table where you can sit and enjoy the scenery on the days if the weather doesn’t allow you to spend time outdoors. From the deck, you can enjoy the entire ride without any additional hassle. These things make the catamaran the most preferred option for spending a sailing holiday. 

Since everyone would like to enjoy quality time during the sailing holiday, they all would like to make things better by the right kind of things that are certainly making a great sense of making all your sailing holidays much more enjoyable.

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