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Exciting Indian Fusion Bridal Wedding Lehenga: Create your Fashion

Are you desperate to grab the fascinating trendy fusion bridal Indian traditional outfits! Then for the year 2020, the exclusive Vasansi store of the glorious Pink city Jaipur showcases the most attractive, glittering, appealing, and versatile fusion bridal wedding lehenga.

This year’s cool winter wedding season can become more enjoyable for you if you try out the mesmerizing trend-setting outfits of the Vasansi store. You will feel privileged enough by opting for the fabulous latest Bridal Wedding Lehenga Fusion in our store.

You will experience a twinkle in your eyes and you yourself feel like on cloud nine after choosing the latest intricate wedding lehenga collection at the popular Vasansi store.

This wedding season you can simply create your own fashion trend after wearing the fusion colors of the appealing Indian bridal traditional wear.

Tradition Pink Peplum Lehenga Set

bridal wedding lehenga :Tradition Pink Peplum Lehenga Set

Light-weight Party-Wear Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur! 

This awesome pink peplum lehenga set is beautifully designed just to make this hot summer season more special.

This trendy pink bridal lehenga shade is the perfect fit for the female who wants to look super stunning on her special wedding day.

The appealing pink color with embroidered edges and netted sleeves provide this Indian traditional wear the right charm, recommended bridal makeup artist in hyderabad.

The girly pink color represents feminism and reflects the womanly charm in this gorgeous dress. Any female can get filled with joy after having this Indian fashion outfit.

You can purchase this beautiful silky outfit at ₹14,500, and access the beautiful lehengas to your main doorstep by having a simple click in the introduction.

Magnificent Vasansi Signature Silk Leheriya Lehenga Set

bridal wedding lehenga: Magnificent Vasansi Signature Silk Leheriya Lehenga Set

Especially designed multi-color signature silk bridal wedding lehenga set to give you an enhanced look!

This multi-colored lehenga set can provide you the right dramatic dazzling look and you will look colorful in such vibrant outfits.

This silk lehenga gives a girl the right sleek sophistication. It can be the appropriate attire for your special wedding day. For eyes such ethnic wear appeals quickly.

With this pretty designer lehenga, you can attain the perfect millennial bridal look as the lehenga is adorned with artwork that can be simply admired by anyone.

The stylish trendy lehenga, with its detailed work along with the stone embellishments, is enough to make it worth wearing. In this outfit, liveliness is reflected.

You can purchase this awesome Signature Silk Leheriya Set in just Rs ₹16,500 after making a simple click in the introduction.

Adorable Blue Silk Pearl Brush Lehenga Set

bridal wedding lehenga: Adorable Blue Silk Pearl Brush Lehenga Set

Elegant Blue Silk Pearl Brush Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set by Vasansi Jaipur!

For the reception, you can enjoy having this elegant look and outshine like a gorgeous Diva in your exuberant glorious wedding day special.

In this pretty bridal lehenga, you can adorn yourself for the special D-day. This intricate gleaming outfit can be the perfect attire for the wedding season.

One can simply adorn the bridal theme and flaunt the natural color that depicts extraordinary luster and cool freshness.

This outfit is very easy to carry for young girls who have a slim trim figure or curvy figures.

You can purchase this special exclusive bridal wear at just  ₹18,850 and can enjoy the fascinating evening with your family.

Stunning Pink Vasansi Silk Lehenga Set

bridal wedding lehenga: Stunning Pink Vasansi Silk Lehenga Set

Modish and  Distinguished the Pink Vasansi bridal wedding Lehenga from Vasansi Jaipur!

The pink color is always the girl’s top favorite and it is good to go for any party or event. Vasansi offers the designs with the top elegant look.

This outfit is specifically designed for girls with a slim figure who want to accentuate their cool curves.

Vasansi’s dignified piece is best suitable for girls who admire Indian traditional dresses for their special wedding ceremonies.

In this beautiful bridal attire, you can look simply gorgeous having the soft feminine charm in you. You can flaunt your trendy fashionable bridal wear in front of the public.

You can simply team up with some nice diamond accessories to have an exquisite and awesome wedding outfit.

You can purchase this amazing and graceful wedding outfit in just  ₹24,500/- and feel the pretty good vibes.

Aesthetic Green Organza Lehenga with Jacket Set

bridal wedding lehenga: Aesthetic Green Organza Lehenga with Jacket Set

Exclusive Classic Green Organza bridal wedding lehenga with Jacket Set by Vasansi Jaipur! 

You can simply redefine fashion and flaunt in this superb dress which looks completely trendy. All the lehengas available are totally according to the latest trends.

The renowned fashion designer of the pink city has given the cultured look to this particular outfit. Girls with good fashion sense can opt for this beautiful lehenga.

This dress can be the right attire to have on the special summer season and gives the impression of the Indian traditions and culture in the right way.

Vasansi Jaipur is a classy store that aims to offer brilliant Indian Wedding Dresses which depict high-level fashion with their exquisite designer and pretty bridal wedding lehengas!

You can access this luxurious bridal lehenga online at just ₹14,850/- in order to admire yourself in an awesome aesthetic bridal look!

Incredible Multi-Color Printed Silk Lehenga Set

bridal wedding lehenga: Incredible Multi-Color Printed Silk Lehenga Set

Perfect sizzling Multicolored silk bridal wedding lehenga sets can provide you with the right look to catch everybody’s attention.

This multi-colored outfit serves as the all-purpose bridal wear through which you can actually steal people’s attention.

This multi-shade lehenga looks completely magnificent on the female who wears it. One can look completely stunning in such a glorious outfit. Read More : Onionplay

Create your own statement of fashion by flaunting in a bright dazzling printed grunge look and be the charm of the party!

This designer lehenga can be purchased at the price of ₹28,500. One can simply order it by having a click on the link in the main introduction.


Vasansi Online Store is the ultimate shop to purchase outfits for all the main wedding ceremonies. Vasansi outfits are available online and girls can purchase exclusive trendy dresses. Without moving out from home you can still access the outfits online.

One must definitely have the purchase from this exclusive store. This is the appropriate place to enjoy shopping with family and friends. Vasansi has given provision to have the store’s virtual tour too.

For getting further details you must contact the Whatsapp number in order to get the video appointment. You can shop for perfect  Indian Wedding dresses to look adorable.


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