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Factors to consider before purchasing baltic birch plywood


BB wood is an excellent choice for furniture and other projects. You can use it for cabinets, kitchen islands, tables, desks, and more. Before you head to the store to buy Baltic birch plywood, you must consider your project type and budget.

Decide on the thickness.

The thickness of the plywood you purchase will depend on your intended use. Plywood is measured in millimetres; generally speaking, the thicker the plywood, the more durable it is. While this may be true, remember that a thinner piece can be used for many purposes and still offer an attractive cost-to-benefit ratio.

Thicker woods are also more expensive than their thinner counterparts; if you are concerned about your budget, choose a thinner board for your project.

Finally, remember that thicker boards are heavier than thinner ones, so if you intend to bring them home, make sure they will fit through your doorways. Some manufacturers offer custom cutting services so you can get precisely what you need without ordering too much or too little material at once.

Consider your budget.

A factor that should always be considered is your budget. A wooden product is expensive, so one way of finding the best deal for your money is by comparing prices and quality. The price can vary depending on the thickness and number of plies, whether you want sanded or unsanded plywood, and the core type.

For example: If you look at a table made from such, it may seem very expensive because it has seven layers of wood sandwiched together (three on each side). But if you compare this with an eight-ply door panel with four layers per side, it becomes clear that there is no significant difference between them in terms of cost per square metre.

Choose the number of plies.

When choosing the ply of your Baltic birch plywood, you must consider the weight you need. A 3-ply is an excellent choice if you are working with something that will require some strength or rigidity. If you are making a piece that needs flexibility and bendability, choose a 5-ply board instead. For very flexible applications (like making bows), 7-ply is ideal as it has more plies than other types of wood.

Choose between sanded or unsanded plywood.

When choosing between sanded and unsanded plywood, consider the application. Sanded plywood is smoother and more suitable for painting or staining. Unsanded plywood is better for veneer applications as it has a rougher surface that glues better than an already soft substrate. For interior use, you’ll want to choose an unsanded product as they are more durable and less likely to scratch if dropped or bumped into something accidentally.

Think about your project type before choosing a core type.

When choosing your plywood, you first need to consider the type of project you plan to make. It comes in two grades: b-grade and bb-grade. If a project is going to be used for general construction purposes or as part of an ongoing construction process, then b-grade plywood is likely sufficient.

Think about whether you want a b-grade or bb-grade.

There are two grades of birch plywood: b-grade and BB-grade. B-grade is less expensive than BB-grade, but it’s not as durable. If you’re doing an interior project like a drawer or a shelf, go for b-grade birch plywood. It’ll be cheaper and easier to work with than the more expensive BB-grade option, which will hold up well enough for most projects but may warp or dent when exposed to moisture.

BB-grade wood is made from more carefully selected logs that are kiln-dried before milling into 3/8″-thick sheets of veneer. Because these logs have been carefully selected, there isn’t much variation in colour or grain between sheets.


You can purchase such wood in various forms, sizes, and grades. The most common types are b-grade and bb-grade plywood. When buying plywood, it’s essential to consider your budget, project type and core type before deciding on the best type of plywood for your needs.

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