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Five Great Ways to Continue Enjoying Your Garden When It’s Cold

It can be a sad sight to see when you look out of your home during those colder afternoons to see a garden sitting there idly, not being used, waiting till its sunny again for everyone to flock outdoors. All that work you put into making your garden as welcoming and enjoyable as possible should not have to go to waste during the colder months, so let’s break the mould and come up with five great ways to continue enjoying your garden when it’s cold.

Make it less cold

If the cold temperature is stopping you from enjoying yourself, then the simplest solution is to make yourself not feel the cold. Whether it be you wrap up as if you’re going out on an arctic adventure, buy some electric heaters and dot them around the place, or huddle round a fire pit, there are ways of avoiding the cold, so find what works for you and keep those chilly temperatures away from you.

Cooking in the cold

Just because the official BBQ season is over doesn’t mean you have to hang up your tongs and apron till next year, it’s time to take back our gardens and enjoy our right to have smoked and grilled meat in the winter. Firepits, smokers, closed BBQ’s, all are viable options for cooking outdoors, and even if the weather is a little too cold to actually sit outside, you can still just set up your BBQ and come out to check on it’s progress every now and then.

Find some wintery sports/activities to do

If you are lucky enough to have a garden big enough to do sports in, but it’s too cold for football and too windy for badminton, then we just have to find you a new hobby to get you outside and moving. Winter activities range from those that try to keep you warm, to those that want you to embrace the cold weather. Cold Yoga has really become a popular pastime in recent years, and for those that want a little more movement then doing a simple circuit routine outside is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors.

Plants that can handle winter

Gardening truly is a seasonal activity, though nobody said it was limited to one season. Plants that grow and thrive in the winter are easily available and can become a nice addition to your flower beds and hedge groves. If you are also a fan of growing your own foods then research into what fruits and vegetables can grow in the winter, thereby allowing you to have crops on the go all year round.

Protect yourself from the elements

If the weather truly does get arctic with cold or biblical in rain and wind then you may have to invest in some tents, patios, or even more permanent extensions to protect yourself from the elements. While not being the cheapest option, this one offers you the most versatility, as you can then host whatever you want, whenever you want once you have these protective structures up.

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