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Get Industry recognised Certified from Top Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

Certificates from the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur are the hard earned wings to take you to places!!

Earlier course certificates may not have been enough, but not now.

Hiring managers look for course certificates during screening. Why? Because 58% of companies have raised hiring budget for digital marketing profiles and they need a reason to trust your skills. Your certificates will help an HR see how you differ from other candidates.

In short, to become one of the high-earning digital marketers, you should complete the Best Digital Marketing Course with flying colours.

Quibus Trainings is the best institute for you to learn professional skills and earn high-valued certificates through one course.

In this blog, we will share what are the 10+ certificates you can get in your name after completing the course from Quibus Trainings.

Digital Marketing Certifications
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What will you learn at the Top Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur?

The Integrated program(IDMP) at Quibus Trainings is divided into different modules. The 30+ modules cover the entire course in depth. Some of the main topics you will learn are SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Social media marketing, etc.

Above all, the complete digital marketing training is based on practical know how, so at Quibus Trainings you will get daily tasks and tests to measure and improve your performance.

Earn 10+ Certificates from Top Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

As given above, Quibus Trainings’ course is very broad. The coach will continuously work for you to excel in all the areas through practical training. After that, you can earn 10+ certificates. All the certificates will make your profile and resume more credible.

So let’s start and explore more about the 10+ certificates.

1. Digital Marketing Course Certificate

The first one is a certificate from Quibus Trainings itself. At the end of the course, you will get a participation certificate.

Digital Marketing Certificate from Quibus Trainings
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2. Google Ads Search Certificate

For search advertising, Google is the biggest provider in the market. With this in mind, Quibus Trainings’ course covers the topic in depth. During it, you will learn how to create and optimize campaigns for Google Search. After that, you can give the online test and earn Google Ads Search certificate. With this certificate, you can show your skills in running Google Search Ad campaigns.

3. Google Ads Display Certificate

Google Display Ads is one of the important types of ads with a high conversion rate. So if a company is looking for a digital marketer, the HRs would expect skills in Google Display Ads. If you are studying at Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, join Quibus Trainings. Become a pro in Google Display Ads. Quibus Trainings teaches only result-oriented strategies. So the course will help you take all the questions of Google Ads Display certificate course with ease.

4. Google Ads Video Certificate

Another important one is the Google Ads Video certificate. Storytelling is a very interactive method to engage the target audience. Hence Google Ads are so popular. At Quibus Trainings, you will learn how to get results from Google Video advertising. Additionally, a certificate from Google will validate your expertise in Video Ads.

5. Shopping Ads Certificate

Earning a certificate in Shopping Ads from Google recognizes your talent to drive traffic and boost business. To get the Shopping Ads certificate, you need to learn how to create effective shopping campaigns for ecom sites. So join the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur. Learn the best ways to use shopping ads.

6. Google Ads App Certificate

Quibus Trainings teaches how you can drive marketing success with app campaigns. The course covers all the strategies for effective campaigns for top ranking of apps displayed on google play store.. So enroll in the Digital Marketing Course from Quibus Trainings. Learn all about Google Ads App and earn the certificate from Google.

7. Hubspot Email Marketing Certificate

Email marketing is still one of the under-rated digital marketing streams. But the Quibus Trainings course covers it very well. During the course, you will learn how to create an email marketing strategy that boosts conversions and business. You will be ready to earn a sought-after Email Marketing certificate from Hubspot.

8. Inbound Marketing Certificate

You will study the basics of Inbound Marketing at Quibus Trainings. The course will prepare you for a certificate from Hubspot. With Inbound Marketing training, you can grow a business or brand manifolds while developing effecive SEO strategies. So don’t wait anymore to upskill yourself. Join the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur today!

9. Content Marketing Certificate

Earning a content marketing certificate is a must-have in the present times. As a digital marketer, you should have the skills to make an effective content creation framework. But don’t you worry, Quibus Trainings teaches all the practical content marketing skills and strategies. At Quibus Trainings, you will learn how to create content that both bots and humans love. So enroll in the course and develop the right skills.

10. Facebook Marketing Certificate

Here is your chance to get trained and earn digital marketing credentials from Facebook. How? Quibus Trainings course covers the Facebook Marketing topic in detail. You will learn all the ways to leverage Facebook for marketing and business growth purposes. Get the Best Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur and earn your Facebook Marketing Certificate.

11. SEO Certificate

Another key area of the digital marketing field is SEO. It is important to realize that many companies look for SEO specialized people. With this in mind, get a SEO certificate that will benefit your career a lot. After doing the course from Quibus Trainings, you can earn an SEO certificate coupled with the other ones.

Importance of Certificates from Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

Certificates are recognition for all skills you have developed during the course. Certificates are also proof that you have done authentic digital marketing training in Jaipur under the best mentors.

The certificates make your resume more impressive in the eyes of HRs/interviewers. It sets you apart from other candidates. If you want to earn a few industry-recognized certificates, join the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur. There is a golden chance for you. You can get accredited with 10+ certificates from Quibus Trainings.

Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur
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Quibus Trainings- No. 1 Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

Before you enroll at Quibus Trainings, you would want to know a little more about the institute, right? So here are some general details about the course.

What is the Fee of the Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

The course is priced at Rs. 35,000/- right now with additional discount offers. In online batch registration, you can save Rs. 10,000/- right now. Visit the website to see till when the grand offer on the digital marketing course is valid. You’ve got once in a lifetime deal in your hands. Grab it till it’s on!

Who is eligible for the digital marketing program at Quibus Trainings?

There are no specific criteria for joining Quibus Trainings. You can join the course as long as you are an internet user and comfortable with English. The course is open to students, working professionals, and even entrepreneurs.

What is the duration of the Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

At Quibus Trainings, the course is a four-month program. Therefore, you will have your weekdays filled with 1.5 hours of practical classes.

Who will be your trainer at Quibus Trainings?

Mr. Parmveer Singh will be your mentor at Quibus Trainings. He is an active digital marketer and experienced trainer.

Do Quibus Trainings provide placements?

At Quibus Trainings, you will get 100% support for placements. But it is crucial to realize that your skills are the primary factor to get a job.

Enroll at the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

Summing up here, we would suggest Quibus Trainings for the Best Digital Marketing Program. In addition to the 10+ certificates you get in your name, you will also receive 100% practical training.

So are you ready to make interviewers believe that you are the best digital marketing candidate for them?

Invest in yourself. Enroll in the Best Digital Marketing Institute of Jaipur. Call 8502-002-002 to know when the next batch will start at Quibus Trainings.

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