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Get the Best Internet Signal Strength with WiFi Analyzer App

For the first time, when you set up a WiFi network, the internet connectivity and its coverage is seldom. Various interference-creating obstacles, such as furniture, concrete walls, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speaker weaken the WiFi signal as it passes through them. On the other hand, internet signals do become slow and sluggish due to interference caused by other wireless networks and devices active nearby.

Conversely, WiFi signal and internet connectivity gets progressively weaker as well the farther away it travels from your modem or Netgear wireless router. And this would be the reason that one might face not working issues.

When you have a strong internet signal and WiFi can you enjoy fast download speeds, lag-free Skype conversations, video, and voice calling and constant browsing without waiting for the web pages to load.

To get a stronger WiFi signal everywhere, it is very important to choose an optimal place for your Netgear wireless router and set it up in a way that will give you excellent results.

As a matter of fact, selecting a good place to spot your router and configure its wireless settings is impossible without having access to the right information and mywifiext net login page.

WiFi Analyzer: The Superior Choice

The ‘WiFi Analyzer’ is a well-known, advance, and beneficial barebones internet signal strength meter application for those computers that are running the Windows operating system (OS).

In addition, it can detect those networks that are active and available nearby, sort them easily by their signal strength, and also visualize them on a graph that shows on which channel a WiFi network (each and every) runs.

A WiFi Analyzer is a very useful tool for finding the open WiFi network in public places like Airport, Resturant, Hotel, etc. or for basic troubleshooting. This app is easily available on ‘Windows Store’ without any charge.

Bring Life to Dead Zones with Netgear WiFi Range Extenders

The dead zone and blind spots are those places in your house where WiFi and internet inexplicably seems to be invisible. With all the third-party devices, metal appliances, electronic gadgets, public WiFi, architectural interference, and security alarms in the average home, even the fastest, up-to-date and most powerful WiFi router can miss tiny spots.

Netgear WiFi range extenders are also known as signal boosters, range expanders, and wireless repeaters that are a simple and economical way to bring life to dead zones and end the mystery.

Boost your Netgear Range Extender WiFi Performance

Your Netgear signal booster takes only a small piece of time to install and set up and give you the complete home WiFi coverage without signal breakage. For optimal performance, it is best to place the Netgear extender halfway between your main WiFi router and the dead zone. Your existing signal strength and bandwidth will be boosted immediately and will be redirected to the WiFi trouble blind spot.

More About WiFi Analytics App

Prior to Netgear mywifiext net range extender setup, you are supposed to download the Netgear’s WiFi analytics application to test WiFi signal strength in your rooms throughout your home. It also helps you identifying the spots in your home where the internet coverage is the weakest.

Once you’ve successfully configured your Netgear WiFi extender n300, you can make use of this application once again to test your existing signal strength and can also see how your network range and its speed has improved or not.

In addition, the WiFi analytics application can:

  • Help in optimizing your existing home WiFi network.
  • Check your network status.
  • Monitor and control the signal strength.
  • Also, identifies WiFi channels with less traffic and interference.

The Bottom Line

Netgear WiFi extender n300 setup and the most beneficial WiFi analytics app can add the final piece to a high-speed of internet and whole-home uninterrupted and continuous WiFi network.

So, stream music, online shows and movies in the backyard gallery or courtyard, video chat in your kitchen, balcony or terrace, or play online games, go for online shopping in the basement, ground floor, lobby, drawing or top floor.

In other words, an n300 WiFi range extender lets you take fast and furious internet where it is never gone before.

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