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Gold vs Platinum: Which goes best with lab grown diamonds?

A common question that jewellery shoppers face every time they think of buying lab grown diamond jewellery item. The choice of metal is as important as choosing the right shape, cut and design of the diamond. Between the two most expensive metals in the world, we’re going to compare and try to arrive at a conclusion for which will be the best choice for lab grown diamonds.

  • Appearance

As is common knowledge, platinum is white in colour and gold is yellow. So depending on how you want your jewellery to look and also the colour of the diamond, you could choose between the two metals. But if you want a white metal, then white gold is an option too. However, it changes colour and fades to yellow over time. It needs to be re-polished to get back its white shine which might result in thinning the ring over time. The chemicals used for polishing might damage the shine and appearance of the diamond. Platinum on the other hand will stay as it is. It doesn’t fade to yellow even after several years and does not require frequent re-polishing as well.

  • Price

As metals both platinum and gold are priced similar per gram. But platinum is a denser metal and so more of it is used to make a piece of jewellery, especially Lab grown diamonds rings, naturally increasing its price. Couples with the price of lab grown diamonds, you need to chalk out a budget to decide which metal you want to get. Our suggestion: since lab grown diamonds are prices much lesser than organic ones, you could consider spending on the platinum.

  • Durability

Platinum is more durable and long lasting than gold. Both metals can get scratches, but a platinum scratch simply means a little change in alignment of the metal on the jewellery and can be back with a little polish and no metal loss. Scratched gold on the other hand is lost. If you’re choosing between metals for engagement or wedding rings, then you should go with platinum, since it will last a much longer time and it less likely to go through wear and tear.

  • Comfort for regular use

Platinum is denser than gold and consequently heavier. If you do not wish to carry the heavy weight of jewellery then gold might be the option for you. However, since platinum jewellery used 95% pure metal, it is hypoallergenic and less likely to react with sensitive skin.

  • Look of the jewellery

For Lab grown engagement rings, white coloured platinum looks classy with any design and colour of lab grown diamonds, even white. Gold, however, might not look appealing if you want a coloured diamond, so that limits your options. You obviously don’t want your jewellery to look tacky, and yellow doesn’t necessarily go well with the huge variety of colours that lab grown diamonds have to offer.

Our Verdict:

Having weighed both the options on a number of scales, we think platinum is your best choice to pair with lab grown diamonds. It might be a little heavier on your budget, but it is worth the price considering all the mentioned factors. And there’s no way you could go wrong with a diamond studded platinum ring.



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