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How to Be a Freelance Video Editor

Freelancing is the best work opportunity that you can start for career growth. After a certain amount of industry experience, when you want to start up your own company, then consider freelancing. It is the best option. You can become a freelance video editor from scratch sitting on your favorite couch. 

For the young generation to experienced generation, it is an excellent mode to start afresh and something new that makes your career. In the business world, freelancers have great demand. The freelance video editor has great knowledge of editing. Following are the steps to become a freelancer. 

Steps To Become Freelance Video Editor

Step 1: Make up your mind. It is a big jump from your comfort editing job or any other job to start something new that you are passionate about.

Step 2: Start research brainstorm session to get to know about the freelancing industry as well the sector of video editing.

Step 3: Connect with a video editing group or forum or talk with freelance video editors who have an idea about the fields.

Step 4: Collect all the necessary information that you need to start your freelancing career. 

Step 5: Now it’s time to create a profile on various freelance websites (research and find low to high-ranking freelance sites)

Step 6: Check the feedback, payment mode, and clients to work on different projects.

Step 7: After you finalize all the details, create your profile and fill in all the components inside, like, for example- your work experience, the field of work and work samples, and other necessary details to create your freelancing profile. 

Step 8: You may hire someone who can bid for you or start bidding for the projects to catch potential clients. It is an open platform where you can find multiple video editing projects with the same keyword. 

Step 9: Once your bid gets approved, talk with a client. Discuss what the client is looking for editing and how you can give the client the best video. 

Step 10: Keep yourself open for edits from 1-2 per the service package, so you do not get scams from the client. 

Step 11: Once the work gets approved, ask to release the payment as a token to start, and then the remaining price will get transfer after you finish the final product. 

Step 12: Once you start getting work, share your freelancing profile to various social media, forums, and groups so that people get to know about you and your work and accolades.

Step 13: After working for at least six months, you can run a paid ad on the digital platform, so your profile reaches innumerable people, and your work catches the clients’ attention.

What Do You need To Jump Start as a Freelance Video Editor

1. Equipment- 

A video editor needs video editing tools. Without a good video editing tool, you cannot edit a professional look video. You can opt for InVideo to start your freelancing career as a video editor. 

2. Funds- 

Clients will not pay for everything. Ibn editing work, you may need some things that make the work efficient. So, having an emergency fund is a great relief for you. 

3. Having a Premade Portfolio- 

Portfolio talks about your work. It would help if you had a portfolio to show to the clients while you are cracking a business deal. So, keep your best job in the portfolio to get the best impression from the client. 

4. Know-How To Do Business- 

You are the business manager of your work. Initially, you are the one who will talk with the client. So, practice a bit or watch some tutorial on how to crack the business deal. It helps you become the master of your business in freelancing. 

How Much You Will Charge?

Experience talks about money. You must do market research and know the current rates that are going on in the market. It gives you the best idea to set your free charge. 

How Will You Charge Client?

It’s pretty simple, and you have to focus on the services that you are offering to your clients. Also, the length of the video matters and the editing scope to redo the work. All these three things are essential to set the amount to the client. Also, keep room for flexibility to negotiate with the client. 

InVideo- A Professional Video Editing Tool

InVideo helps people create excellent video content in less than 10 minutes. It has the most significant benefits of creating stunning videos with InVideo. Well, you can consider it quick, easy and affordable. There are almost ready-to-use 4,000+ templates.  

InVideo is a web-based platform that you can use on Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, any desktop machine-based OS. You need to log in to your account using any browser. Rather than spending weeks, you can create videos in minutes, quite literally. 

How Easy Is the Tool to Use? 

  1. Extremely easy-to-use 
  2. Edit text, visuals, effects, import your stuff 
  3. text-to-video, voice-over 
  4. create videos from scratch 
  5. Intuitive UI 
  6. Plenty of tutorials 

What Can You Use InVideo for?

  • Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • YouTube Videos (entire videos, intros, outros)
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram ads
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Newsfeed, Instagram post
  • Twitter timeline
  • Snapchat story 

InVideo Pricing Details

Now, coming to pricing details, it is free. Users get a free plan instead of any free trial, using which they can access each and every editing feature. The limitations are that you can create and export up to 60 videos per month, and the videos are watermarked (completed with InVideo). You can check out the details regarding the paid plans.


Video marketing is the most prominent thing nowadays. Most business houses are using this video format to achieve business goals. It is an excellent opportunity for video editors to start freelancing and create their identity with years of experience. With a bit of fame and money, you can set up your freelancing business that you can call a start-up to make things bigger and brighter. 

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