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How To Blog On Facebook Everything You Need To Know About

Many bloggers need a platform to write, and many people use social media platforms to support and promote their existing blogs written on another platform. However, Facebook allows you to blog directly on its application. Now you might be wondering how you can do that. Well, it is very simple, and you must learn how to post the blog on Facebook. It is important to understand their benefits and limitations.

The two ways to blog On Facebook

There are only two possible ways by which you can blog on Facebook. The first is by posting blogs on your post, which works well for a post which is short. And the second one is posting blogs directly on social channels with the help of notes which allows users to create an attractive and long blog posts. In addition, it makes it easier for your followers to read what you have provided them.

How can you blog using Facebook posts?

Whenever a person thinks of a blog, the only thing that comes to mind is long return articles. But the length of blogging is not only limited. Users can also post small blogs, which are also known as microblogging, whenever a person provides a short piece of knowledge to anyone, but that is also often known as microblogging.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms, along with Instagram and Twitter, which is very popular for blogging short paragraphs. Many people use this social media platform for microblogging because it is ideal for sharing short videos, text-based content and images.

The limited character account for the Facebook post is around 63,000. However, in a report, researchers have witnessed that posts with less than 80 characters have around 80 % of user engagement. Whenever content creator post on Facebook, they rely on sharing shorter content because they are usually eye catchy and tends to work the best.

Nowadays, people who post microblogging have a huge competition on social media platforms. Hence, they often buy Facebook followers to show their potency among other content creators.

How to blog using Facebook notes

Facebook notes are one of the most famous features Mark Zuckerberg introduces to get more attention. Users can easily post blogs in the same way a blogger can post on the platform, like square space and word press. It is specially designed so that people can find their own sources to write their blogs.

How can you add Facebook notes feature to your page?

By default, you will not get the Facebook notes to feature because it will never be available on your page. However, with a few steps, you will be able to add it. To start the process, you first have to click on your page setting tab in the administrator screen.

After that, you have to navigate your own template and tab page, which will be available after the page information tab. Once you open the templates and tab menu, you will see many features, one of which is notes. After turning on that feature, you will be able to create blogs with the help of notes.

Caution about Facebook notes

The Facebook note is one of the most famous and free platforms for bloggers to post a blog on this social media application. Initially, this application was very famous and popular, but now only a few people used this today. Mark Zuckerberg has reported several changes and announced that he would completely change the way of making blogs from this application.

Facebook is trying to change their service from time to time. If you are planning to write blogs on social media applications, ensure that you follow an organic approach to increase your followers.

Can you buy Facebook followers?

Whenever people are working hard, they need to get the output as much as they deserve. As a result, people often look out for shortcuts to success, and many bloggers buy FB followers to make their accounts successful. Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm is completely integrated with its software, so it does not support any shortcut to enhance the visibility of your page.

So, make sure whenever you are doing such things, the only way to get success is by working hard. If you keep buying fake likes, views, or anything related to Facebook, you will get a banned or blocked by the application.


Blogging on Facebook from notes or posting microblogs would be an ideal option because it is free of cost. There are many celebrities who do use it as their blogging platform. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself makes blogs on this application with the help of the notes feature. So, register for Facebook and start your blog today. You can use your email or mobile number for registration process.

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