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How to Choose the Best Type of Flooring for Your Home

Wondering how you can make your house a healthier place to live, while also making it more comfortable, more beautiful, and more valuable? The best way to handle all of those at once is by updating the flooring.

Whether your home is filled with 20-year old carpet or tile that lacks pizazz, installing new flooring can restore the joy of living at home while boosting its value and removing allergens.

But choosing the right type of flooring is much easier said than done. There are so many flooring options available today, each with its pros and cons. But all of them have the potential to look and feel amazing under your feet.

So how do you choose between the best flooring types? Read on below for some helpful tips when selecting flooring for your home.

Who Lives at Home?

When you choose new flooring, it’s best to consider who lives at home and who will benefit the most from new flooring. If you have young children, for example, or plan to have a baby in the future, then carpet in portions of your home is ideal.

Carpet makes it easy to set your baby down on the floor without worrying that they will bump their head on the hard ground. And as babies grow into toddlers and take on more risks during playtime, it helps to have carpet to cushion their falls.

But if you don’t have kids and instead have pets, carpet isn’t ideal. Carpet holds onto pet hair and dander, making it harder to get rid of allergens in the home. Plus, carpet is harder to clean when pets have accidents. So a hard floor is ideal for your four-legged friends.

Comparing Costs

The cost to replace flooring varies widely when it comes to flooring. Installing carpet is one of the cheapest options, while installing new wooden flooring throughout the home is one of the most expensive. But you can choose the wood look without the wood cost by going with laminate flooring.

You can spend a few thousand dollars or well over $10,000 when it comes to flooring. And some options last longer than others. Carpet, while one of the cheapest options, will need replacing sooner than hard flooring, which can last decades if well-maintained.

Consider the Climate

Climate is a big factor when choosing your flooring. If you live somewhere with cold winters, then tile or concrete flooring will feel very cold under your feet. Socks and slippers will be a must.

On the flip side, in hot places like the Southwest or Florida, these cooler flooring choices may feel great while barefooted.

To avoid the cold-footed problems in the north, many homeowners stick to wood, laminate, or carpet, which retain a neutral temperature.

Selecting the Right Type of Flooring for You

There are many other factors to consider when choosing the right type of flooring. It can help to spend some time walking through homes for sale in your area to get an idea of what you like and don’t like.

You can also bring some samples home with you from a flooring store to see which options will look best in your space.

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