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How To Clean And Care For Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs often get a bad reputation for being unsanitary. However, when properly cleaned and cared for, a hot tub can be very clean and hygienic. There are so many hot tub models, that many may be confused on how to clean them. To choose the best hot tub, visit TubHQ.com, where you’ll find comparisons between different models. This article will focus on how to clean any hot tub model, whether it is inflatable, fixed, or portable.

How Frequently Should A Hot Tub Be Cleaned?

There are different cleaning steps that you should take and each has a different schedule. After each use, it is preferable to clean tidelines with a damp cloth. You can also use that time as an opportunity to adjust pH or sanitizer levels. Your filter should be cleaned weekly, and the water must be shock dosed weekly as well.

Every 3 or 4 months, you should clean all the pipes (using an appropriate cleaner) and replace the water in your hot tub. This should also be the time you clean the interior.

Draining A Hot Tub For Cleaning/Water Replacement

Make sure you turn off the hot tub before you start draining. Each tub has different instructions, but generally they have a bottom valve to drain from. Some people use a pump that can be submerged in the tub to pump water out. Keep the hot tub turned off while cleaning, and until after you’ve refilled it with new water.

Cleaning A Drained Hot Tub, And Refilling

Make sure you purchase an appropriate surface cleaner to clean the hot tub interior. You should clean the entire surface, including all the jets, and hot tub pillows. If the pillows or hot tub cover are removable, follow the manufacturers recommendations to clean them. All products you use should be pH neutral, to avoid damaging any of the hot tub parts. Make sure you also wipe down the panels with a cleaner to keep everything sanitary. Do not spray with water as there are probably many electrical components that shouldnt get waterlogged.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned (and dried) your hot tub, you can start refilling it with clean water. Make sure you do not turn on the hot tub before the water reaches the fill line. Also, make sure that the water enters the filter first, to fill up the pipework and avoid air pockets which could damage your hot tub. Before turning the hot tub back on, add an appropriate sanitizer solution and balance the pH of the water (it should be neutral).

Caring for your hot tub can make it last you a long time, and help you avoid any health hazards of soaking in unsanitary water. It is not complicated, as you can see from the above instructions. If you follow the aforementioned simple steps ,, you can be sure that your hot tub is always clean and sanitary, and safe to use. You can also hire professionals to service your hot tub annually, to make sure it is in perfect condition.

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