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How to Plan Your Burlington, VT Ski Trip

There’s nothing like a good ski trip to make you excited about winter’s quick approach.  Skiing is a sport that allows those who enjoy it to have fun getting to enjoy beautiful views while working their body and mind in one of the most thrilling sports on earth! But, unfortunately, many aren’t sure how to plan for this type of trip and find themselves lost in the details.

Here’s how to make your dream trip come true!

Consider Timing

Look at when you’ll be able to get off work and when you want to arrive in Vermont.  The busiest month for skiing is December, but the season often lasts from November to late February.  The best way to avoid ruining your plans is to time them carefully and make them so that you can avoid the heavy crowds while still getting to enjoy the company of those you care about.  If you can go in late January, you’ll get the slopes to yourself while still getting beautiful icy views and fantastic rates.

How You’ll Get There

The general rule of thumb is that if you have more than two people, you can get there within a day’s drive: drive instead of flying.  Although flying can be more convenient, it’s easier to sit back and let the plane take you: it’s also far more expensive.  By driving, you can pack more bulky coats and blankets, and you can bond more with your loved ones through the act of road tripping.  Flying is still a good option if you’re traveling far: make sure that you put some effort into getting a good rate.

Where You’ll Stay

Although you could skip this step if you’ve recently been looking at Burlington houses for sale: figuring out your lodging is a large part of planning your trip.  There’s nothing wrong with hotels or ski resorts, but if you’re trying to save money, Airbnb is often cheaper.  Not only is it less expensive, but you can also enjoy living like a local while you’re in the area.  Unfortunately, even the best Airbnb often lacks room service or a shuttle to the slopes: so choose carefully!

What Your Budget Is

Budgeting is one of the most important things you can do. First, consider how much you can afford: and then think about how much you want to spend. For example, although you can afford to fly first class, wouldn’t you rather spend that money on accommodations or delicious meals?  

Try to be conscious that an emergency or problem may arise, so it’s good to have some emergency money set aside as well.

How To Save Money While Staying

The best way to save money while traveling to a ski resort is to eat out as little as possible. Instead, get a small amount of groceries for yourself when you arrive, and cook two out of every three meals.  This will let you eat extravagantly once a day, without the guilt of draining your bank account.

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