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The Importance of Learning to speak American English

Today, the world has inclined to the American elements so much that American English has become a classic standard. Many feel that American English, along with the appropriate accent, to be highly understandable among other versatile speakers.

When you want to move internationally without being left behind, American accent training is the first thing to get done. Sometimes, travelling deeper will make you want to sound more like an American. Also, if you have to move into the USA or work with clients from America, your non-native accent can be troublesome. Professionally, you might face challenges that only proper accent training can resolve.

Unlike the common misconception, learning an American accent does not just concentrate on sounding like a native speaker. Accent training teaches you multiple skills to master, which will add up as bonus points! Learning accents solely starts with your brain processing the sounds differently. With time, your brain begins to receive the sounds as known and your listening skill is the first to go for a modification.

Four reasons to learn the American accent today

There might be one or more reasons that persuaded you to learn American English. It might be to catch up with favourite American playlists, while for others, it’s merely to add a skill to their portfolio. Either way round, you benefit from learning a new accent. Here are some other reasons and ways you can benefit,

1.Widen your professional bandwidth

Today, most businesses happen overseas and globally! With the smart age befalling, there is always space to broaden your professional contacts and clients. But are most people doing it the right way? Approaching an American on a call using a British accent can confuse them, flipping into a miscommunication plot.

Also, if you are looking for job roles globally, there are likely better chances to ace them if you have an American accent. It’s either because your interviewer can be an American or might value your communicative skills to outweigh.

2.You will master the fastest spreading accent

Today, more than 350 million of the world’s population speaks English, with 70% of this count having an American accent. Eventually, to become an understandable speaker, you need American accent training. On the other hand, if you’d like to take up professions on the speaking end, like an orator or a press secretary, it’s high time you start learning the American accent.

3.Highly desirable to start a life in the US

The Australian American population was around 1,02,000 last year but is falling lately. True that sometimes, non-native speakers may feel isolated in the US. It’s because they feel less connected to the native speakers due to a communication gap! Eventually, if you plan to move to the USA, an American accent becomes highly desirable to converse with the native citizens without intimidation. In most other cases, you would find the non-native speakers facing their confidence scarce to make minimal and essential conversations. You’ll have your co-workers, neighbours, clients and colleagues speak American English and never will you want to feel unparalleled.

4.You will have a sounder social life

If you are a social butterfly, your communication premises might see no end! Being socially active is a responsibility for many to raise their voices for the right things. And when you have mastered the world’s most spoken language, it becomes easier to have your voice heard better. For instance, Americans usually connect the words they speak and, when you learn linking during accent training classes, you sound and carry yourself beautifully confident!

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