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Are you asking yourself how to stain a timber fence?

Prior to you do stain your fence, I advise you review this fast Do It Yourself overview to aid you in your fencing discoloration experience.

What you require to learn about discoloring a fence
Supplies you’ll require to stain a fence
The step-by-step procedure for tarnishing a fence correctly
As well as far more. Choose best paint sprayer for exterior house¬†your fence repair job better if you don’t want to work hard.

So, prior to you do dispose of your paint products, I recommend you read this fast guide which contains whatever you need to know.
What Do You Required To Know About Tarnishing A Fencing?
Discoloring a fence is easy. You can apply stain to your fence with either a paint sprayer, paintbrush, paint roller, or perhaps a rag. Stain aids protect against mildew, as well as it likewise secures versus unsafe UV rays.

What Material Will You Need For How To Tarnish A Fencing?
Below are is a full listing of materials you’ll require to stain your fence like a manager:

Timber Spot
There are a lot of different timber stains/fence stains that will certainly function excellent on your task. You’ll intend to take into account which tarnish color you want to utilize. You might use solid discolor or semi-transparent stain for the work.

Another factor when considering which discolor to use is determining the sort of wood the fence is constructed from (i.e. redwood, cedar fence).

Paint Sprayer
A paint sprayer/pump sprayer/airless sprayer can be utilized to stain a fence faster than any other method.

We suggest an HVLP sprayer because they are fairly affordable, easy to use, as well as very easy to tidy. Take a look at our full list of recommended paint sprayers on our Pro Paint Corner web page.


Making use of a paintbrush is ideal for smaller work. The excellent brush for staining is a tight bristle brush.

If the stain is oil-based, you’ll want to utilize a brush with all-natural bristles. If the discolor is water-based, you’ll intend to use a brush with artificial bristles.

Paint Roller
You can constantly use the stain to a fencing utilizing a paint roller.

You might attempt a 9-inch roller for bigger areas, and then a 4-inch roller for spaces, edges, as well as crannies.

Drop Cloth
Throw a drop cloth down on the ground listed below the fence to cover surfaces like concrete as well as turf.

Pressure Washing machine
A stress washer gives a great alternative to fining sand. Remember, to utilize a stress washing machine you’ll additionally require a garden hose.

Timber cleaner
You may wish to clean down the surface of the fence with wood cleanser before painting.

Repaint Masker
A paint masker is a tool that will aid cover surfaces that you do not intend to obtain paint on.

Just link painters tape as well as concealing paper/plastic to the paint masker, as well as promptly cover surfaces for a clean discolor job.

We recommend the 3M paint masker off of Amazon.com for the very best cost.

Nitrile Rubber gloves
Nitrile handwear covers will prevent your hands from getting discolored on them. It’s essential to utilize gloves when discoloration due to the fact that stains are bad as well as usually harmful for your skin.

Shatterproof glass
Stains will certainly also damage your eyes, so be sure to use a set of safety glasses.

Repaint Stripper
A paint stripper/solvent may be valuable for removing paint prior to staining. Solvents will certainly likewise help you to eliminate tarnish from unwanted surfaces.

Just how To Stain A Fencing (5-Step Guide).
Now that you understand what supplies you’ll require to get the job done, allow’s walk through the step-by-step process of tarnishing your fencing.

Action 1 – Wash/clean the fencing.
You’ll intend to cleanse the fence with a power washing machine to do away with any type of loose pieces of wood as well as paint flakes. Make certain not to utilize too high of water stress as you can harm the surface of the timber.

You could constantly use some 120-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge to smooth out the surface prior to painting if you do not have accessibility to a power washer.

Don’t go also insane with higher-grit sandpaper. 120-grit is all you need for an exterior tarnish job.

New wood does not have to be stress washed, you can just go ahead as well as spray the discolor on in a lot of circumstances– roughing it up brand-new wood with 120-grit sandpaper is optional, but it might assist you obtain a much more consistent look.

Action 2 – Cover the ground/mask surfaces.
After the ground is covered, you’ll want to mask any other surface areas to prevent obtaining tarnish on them.

Parts like fence equipment like deals with, metal brackets, etc. are parts that you should try to accurately cover up for a professional-looking tarnish task.

Keep in mind that overspray from a paint sprayer can obtain paint on things in the close location of the stain task.

Tip 3 – Use the discolor by utilizing one of the most practical approach.
Now that the surface of the fence is clean, completely dry, and all the surrounding surfaces are shielded from being tarnished, it’s time to apply the tarnish using the approach of your selection.

Using a paint sprayer.
When making use of a paint sprayer, established the spray pattern to spray out flat across the surface area of the fence.

The ideal spray paint technique for maximum insurance coverage is the 50/50 strategy– that’s where you spray down the wood grain vertically, and after that cover fifty percent of what you just sprayed on the following stroke. This helps eliminate lap marks when staining a wood fencing.

Ensure to cleanse your paint sprayer instantly after tarnishing to avoid harming it.

Utilizing a paint brush.
Making use of a paint brush is an easy method for applying stain on small tasks to make for a tidy and also fast tarnish task. Use a synthetic brush for water-based tarnish as well as a natural-bristled brush for the very best outcomes on oil-based spots.

Utilizing a paint roller.
When rolling tarnish onto a fence, we advise a 3/4-inch roller. Apply tarnish the same way as you would paint. Beginning by loading up your paint roller with as much stain feasible without trickling off, and also always do with a back-brush or back-roll stroke for the most constant job.

Using a dustcloth.
Some stains can also be used simply by utilizing a rag or an old t-shirt. Simply dip the t shirt in the tarnish, and clean it onto the surface area. We suggest utilizing nitrile gloves to avoid damaging your skin.

Tip 4 – Apply a second layer if needed.
Not every discolor task will be total the first time. You’ll have to evaluate the discolor carefully, as well as locate the components where the discolor hasn’t absorbed right into the timber.

The second coat will not call for as much tarnish, yet you’ll still intend to cover the surface equally on the 2nd time around. You might try using a paint brush on parts of the fencing with big knots that take in a lot of tarnish.

Step 5 – Review the results/Apply wax or sealer.
After you’re all done painting, and also the stain seems to have actually taken in right into all parts of the wood it’s time to clean up the drop cloths as well as peel the masking.

After the discolor is entirely dry, you could include a polyurethane sealant to provide your discolored fencing a sturdy as well as hard finish.

You could also use a carnauba wax to the wood, or even the polyurethane sealant after every little thing is dry.

Just bear in mind to wait a reasonable amount of time for the polyurethane to completely dry.

Various Other Prized possession Resources on Just How To Tarnish A Fence.
We’ve provided you the instructions, so now you ought to be prepared. Here are a couple of more additional bits of info that could help you in your fencing discoloration task:.

Are you aiming to get a paint sprayer for your task?
If so, we have actually currently done the research for you. Take a look at our list of paint sprayers that will work excellent for big fencing staining jobs.

Do you need a ladder for your staining job?
Look into our listing of recommended ladders. Since we want you to have the excellent ladder for your job, we’ve located the ideal prices and also the highest-quality choices on Amazon.com for you.

Are you seeking to mount a brand-new fencing?
There are a lot of alternatives for building materials when setting up a brand-new fence around your home.

Ask Us Questions!
If you have any type of doubts about your fencing discoloration project, fire us a concern on our Pro Paint Edge web page. We wish your fencing looks impressive after reviewing our guide!

Tarnishing a fencing is easy. You can apply stain to your fence with either a paint sprayer, paintbrush, paint roller, or even a rag. You can make use of strong tarnish or semi-transparent stain for the work.

We recommend a 3/4-inch roller when rolling tarnish onto a fence. Apply stain the very same way as you would certainly repaint.

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