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How to Start Selling Wholesale CBD Products

If you aspire to go into business and probably carrying out research on a niche to venture into, you might want to take this article very seriously. With over a $7 billion increase in sales of hemp products in the last four years, businesses in this industry have scaled to greater heights. The varieties of products that can be made from hemp flowers and hemp seeds have made it very possible to appeal to most consumers.As a result, there is an increase in the market size, giving room for wholesalers to make more money.

CBD has helped people with various health problems like chronic and mild pains, insomnia, seizures, and anxiety. Due to this, the demand for CBD has become exceptionally high, helping both wholesalers and retailers gain from this increasing market. So, if you’re looking to start a business, you shouldn’t choose an option that has a small window of making good profit.

Choosing the CBD industry isn’t a bad start as the profit margin seems promising together with the healthy competition due to the market size. However, it is important to note that selling good quality products should be a priority as it concerns the health of consumers and not just about the profit. In this article, we will discuss how you can start selling CBD wholesale and tips for making your business unique.

How Wholesaling Works

Wholesaling is the immediate level after a producer. Wholesalers get products in bulk from the source and sell in small quantities to retailers who then sell to the final consumers. Becoming a wholesaler in this industry is pretty easy as you only require contacting a trusted company for delivery.

The best part about wholesaling is that you don’t get to buy at regular market price. Instead, the company offers a special discounted price package to you. Most companies make special plans for their wholesalers which may include free delivery and extra samples of new products amongst other things.

Furthermore, a wholesaler requires a platform to sell. It could be a physical store or an online platform. Most persons go with the online platform due to the ability to reach a vast number of persons around the globe. However, some use both options as a physical store also gives your business a legit face.

How to Get Started

In America, the production and consumption of cannabis were legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. Due to this, people are allowed to consume cannabidiol products that are within the range of 0.1% to 0.3% THC content.  Before you start a CBD business, take note of the following:

1. Access to Premium Quality Suppliers

As earlier said, getting top quality goods should be a priority as this involves the health of a lot of persons. Buying from a company that produces low-quality goods could result in a health hazard on your consumers. Therefore, getting your supplies from trusted manufacturers who can deliver goods that are not contaminated is a great way to start.

It is also vital to know the source of cannabis. Getting a supplier who grows hemp in the US is best as there are standards for cultivating hemp in the States. You may also want to find out the THC content in the products you want to purchase. This might be new to you, so you could join forums where these kinds of topics are discussed, and you could ask questions of those who are already experienced.

The plus side to getting top quality products is that you tend to keep your customers as they keep coming back for more. They will also refer their friends and family to your store. This way, your business will soar higher. You can visit to know more about THC.

2. Use Legally Licensed Suppliers

The fact that cannabidiol is legal in most places in the US doesn’t make all CBD suppliers legitimate. You mustn’t get your products from just any source as you and your clients could get into trouble with law enforcement agents. To avoid this, you only need to get registered as a distributor and get your products from a licensed source.

3. Involve Good Laboratories

This step is important as you might want to show an integrity test to your customers before they purchase. You need to involve a laboratory to run tests on the CBD samples you want to purchase from the manufacturer. These tests are to check for the presence of toxins and other chemicals that are hazardous.

After the tests, the laboratories would provide you with integrity certificates for the samples, certifying that they contain all necessary biological components as should. Showing your clients or customers these certificates will increase their trust in your delivery and relatively improve business for you.

Choosing Your Products 

This usually appears to be the most difficult part for most wholesalers who are just getting started in this industry. This is due to the large range of products available for sale. You cannot possibly sell all CBD varieties especially when you are just getting started and with limited funding.

However, picking some products for sale would be a better idea. You can do this by understanding one very important concept, your target market. This refers to the people you hope to sell to.

For example, people who sell school packs for kiddies who are resuming school sessions do not target parents with kids in college. Rather, they target parents with kids in preschool and kindergarten. Therefore, you need to select your target market. Once this is done, choosing the range of products suitable for them will become very easy.

You can run a survey in your area, starting at spas, fitness clubs, doctor’s offices, salons, etc. You can also visit this website to learn how to define your target market.


Getting started with selling CBD in wholesale just requires taking the right steps. Above all, ensuring that everything you do in this industry is properly licensed and legal is very important. You can easily get into trouble with the enforcement agents unintentionally. Make sure your suppliers provide premium quality because it helps you to retain your customers as well as get new ones.

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