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In Search Of Male Stripper Adelaide Australia

If you are looking for a male stripper adelaide australia, then this the correct article that will provide you with the information of the award-winning International Australian male Dante Rossi, male stripper Adelaide stripper, performer, actor, model, and MC host.

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Dante Rossi, Male stripper in Adelaide, South Australia

Dante Rossi is a popular face in the other industry of Australia. Dante was the founder and owner of Dante Entertainment, inaugurated in 2013 and sold in 2018. He has been involved the industry from his late teens and up till now. It is his experience, fashion, and professionalism that have enabled him to earn numerous awards and reach the milieu of awards.

Shows and Events

You can easily book services from Dante Rossi for live shows and private events. In addition to this, he can host and MC your Bachelorette party, birthday party, bucks party, hens party, and LGBTQ+ party. He is available for modeling, life nude drawing, choreography, and tutoring. Besides, you can also enjoy tasteful team Striptease shows, G string Striptease shows, special shows which include fire breathing and fire eating along with cabaret shows. He has worked with numerous big names in the industry and has promoted them successfully.

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Want Elite Male Strippers In Adelaide

If you are looking for some Elite male Strippers in Adelaide, then please read this article and click on the link. Dante Rossi is an elite male stripper in Adelaide.

More about Dante Rossi

The owner, co-founder, and director of Dante Entertainment, Dante Rossi is one of the leading International Elite male strippers in Adelaide. If you want to entertain yourself and spice up your life, then all you need to do is to book a service with Dante Rossi. Throughout the years, he has been guided by Joseph Farrugia, who is also known as Madame Josephine’s adult entertainer. Since his late teens, Dante has been engaged in the industry and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry.


Be it your birthday party or Bachelorette party, hens and bucks party you can easily book some strip tease shows from the elite male stripper Adelaide, Dante Rossi.

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Hottest Male Strippers In Adelaide!

You heard it right, the hottest male strippers in Adelaide. Now you can easily find the hottest male strippers in Adelaide simply by visiting the link.

Dante Rossi is the hottest male stripper in Adelaide. The internationally acclaimed male stripper is one of the highest-ranking entertainers throughout Australia as well as Europe. He is an international male performer, entertainer, dancer, model, and Mc host. He is the co-founder of Dante Entertainment that ran from 2013 – 2018.

Titles and awards

The hottest male stripper has received numerous titles –

  • Best Striptease agency 2014
  • Alpha male awards 2015
  • Best male stripper 2015
  • Best dance group 2016


Beginning from a G String show, tame show, hot pants host, double trouble or trio delights all can be enjoyed by you if you click on the link and visit the team online portal of the hottest male stripper in Adelaide, Dante Rossi. The shows are coming at an affordable rate. You can also receive services like private body guard, mobile personal training as well as strength conditioning certificate and Italian cuisine, which we will be introducing soon, so watch this space for more information coming soon.

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