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Information about the advantages of the specific olive tree.

Specimen Olive Trees add a Mediterranean flair to any habitat. You do not sleep to enjoy the leathery, gray-green leaves of a fruit tree in southern Europe or California. Neither did anyone get an owner of an orchard for olive trees, often grown quite easily in balconies or indoors?

Potted olive trees are purchasable in most nurseries. You will get a report of the fruit tree after one year as the roots will start to accumulate within the normal container. To make your fruit tree comfortable I suggest that you can buy yourself an outdoor clay pot at a rock bottom with drainage holes, fast-draining potting soil, and a balanced house low fertilizer on an equivalent day.

Find a place for your fruit tree, which is located near a south-facing sunny window. Your fruit tree requires 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. The pot should not be placed near the radiator or heat vent. Also, consider that if the plant is placed on the window ledge it can act as a hand glass and “burn” the fruit tree.

Once you find a pleasing place for your fruit tree, you will get to convert your tree into a pot. I suggest that you take the position of the pot first and make your soil and tree aware of the pot and work there because once the soil is covered with soil, it is often very heavy to recycle it.

First, fill the terracotta pot in half with the potting mix.

Then moisten the potting mix.

To remove the fruit tree without damage to the roots from the first container you will need to clutch the rim, then turn the pot incorrectly.

Gently tap the pot with the heel of your hand.

The fruit tree will grow out.

Pick up the tree and loosen the edges of the baseball with your thumb.

Place the baseball of the fruit tree so that it is about 1 inch below the rim of the pot.

Then fill the pot with the remaining mixture of soil.

Strengthen the soil around the fruit tree.

Then water well.

You will know when to water your fruit tree by putting your finger in the soil mixture. If it feels dry 1 inch below the surface, water well. Within cold climates, Grown Olive Trees take a natural rest so that you get less water in autumn and winter. But confirm that the soil never dries completely! Within winter, you get fertilizer only once a month and every fortnight in summer.

You can prune branching ideas in the spring to encourage wild growth at the top. Cut where a pair of leaves are attached to a stem.

Unfortunately, olive trees sometimes suffer from a soft-bodied scale that is small yellow-brown insects that attach themselves to the trunk of trees and suck from the plant. To spray the tree with pesticide soap you have to eliminate the shape. Garden centers have a variety of treatments for indoor use.

Enjoy your fruit tree.

Alyssa is also an expert on “tasting olive oil”. She owns and lives her dream life with her husband in a huge olive plantation, where they together run one of the popular luxury guest houses within the heart of Tuscany. The guest house is simply called Casa Montecuco, which in English means a house on Capitol Hill.

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