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6 Precious Rules To Make Custom Boxes Cool, Effective, And Viral

Starting a new business, launching a new product, revising the packaging design, or marketing a product through packaging, custom boxes are one solution for all. The packaging of any box is the first impression of the company and the product. It gives insight into the quality of the product inside.

The boxes are also helpful in knowing the actual company values. The packaging boxes help the customer make an image of the company. Not only for attracting the customers, but marketers use custom packaging to influence the purchasing decision of the customers. It is one of the easiest yet powerful marketing tactics to enhance business growth.

To understand the importance of custom boxes, you need to think on a big scale or a real market. Imagine your product lying on a store shelf with multiple similar products but by different brands. There are options to place a salesperson for your brand product to sell the specific good. But smart marketers avoid that expense.

Custom printed boxes with an appealing look can give the results you want from the product. By making correct marketing and packaging schemes and strategies, you can attain more customers’ attention with ease. Customers judge the product by the packaging.

If you are new in the market, a customer might have got used to using the product by different brands. So making potential buyers is not easy, but by using the right strategies for marketing, you can get the optimum results.

But if you are new in the market, you might not know the tactic to use packaging for marketing purposes. First thing first, keep all the basics in mind. Here are some basic steps for designing the packaging which may help you with your product packaging

Know your audience

Before launching a product, you must have targeted customers in your mind. While entering a new market, companies know the age group, profession, and other details about their target customers. But it is also important to know customers’ demands and preferences.

Customers might be using a product from a different brand because there is nothing available according to their taste. If you find that particular thing, you can get the advantage of being new.

Also, you must know the competitors are providing. Knowing their pluses and minuses may help you improvise your product and its packaging. Customers are the judge for the product and make a decision of buying or not.

Most of the decisions are made on appearance. So the custom boxes must have a unique design and optimum quality look to gain customers approval. Knowing your audience helps in making the strategies and gives you the correct direction.

Remember one thing while studying the audience. Always make a different group of people according to their preferences, so it may get you the perfect fit for the audience at the end. Impressing multiple groups at the same time and with the same strategy does not give you such end results, and you might have some loss on business too.

Do not compromise on the material.

Many manufacturers and retailers shift the concentration on designing Custom printed Boxes. They make the mistake of choosing a cheaper material to save money. But there are two big dilemmas you can invite by compromising on the material. First, your customers believe what they are seeing.

The product is covered underneath the packaging. And obviously you will not allow anyone to ruin the box to see what’s inside. So the customer would judge the product quality and your service just with the box appearance.

A cheaper quality box portrays your misery side to the customers. It shows that you are making money out of the sales and do not care about quality customer service. To give maximum satisfaction to the customer for buying the product, quality material matters a lot. Another problem comes with the customization of the box.

Not every material is the same. Some materials are robust but give only 20 to 30 percent support to customization, and you can play with the model of the box and nothing else.  You might have seen clear plastic bags that need cardboard to add colors.

Some give options for coloring as well as customization. But due to their low-quality colors, the final result is not that bright or vibrant as expected. Also, some product packaging allows ply two-color customizations.

You need to choose the material that is customization in terms of box modeling and coloring as well. Some simple and optimal options available include cardboard, paperboard, and Kraft material.

Go eco friendly

 In addition to choosing cardboard or Kraft material benefits is their eco-friendliness. You can recycle the materials or make them reusable by adding such designs and patterns. Compromising material to save money is not a good choice.

If you want to invest less in packaging, think smartly and search for other solutions. There are packaging manufacturers who can give you budget-friendly deals on Custom Boxes Wholesale so you can save money and impress the customers at the same time.

 The customer trusts the brands and companies through their product and their packaging. Using eco-friendly packaging represents a responsible side towards nature and gives a positive impact to the customers.

Using such materials has a long-lasting impact on purchasing preference of the customers. Also, you can add your contribution to a global issue, and Mother Nature would appreciate your effort too.

Get creative with designs.

There are multiple benefits and dilemmas in a rapidly changing world. Previously technology and media have a lesser influence on the people. But the case is different nowadays. People back then choose from what they see on the shelves. But now your products are not a part of retail stores only, but they have some part of the screen.

To give the best limelight factors to your product, you need a photogenic and dazzling look to the custom packaging. Customers do marketing for free for their favorite brands too. And, social media has made this a lot easier for the customers but challenging for the manufacturer.

You must learn the fact to impress customers on stage and on screens. Comparison of the product has also risen due to the internet and people choose from a vast variety making your competitor’s circle bigger. But do not worry. Still, customers get impressed with their creativity and uniqueness.

In stores or on the internet, you need a nice display for your products. Different models of the box with creative but not irritating unboxing techniques, colors, laminations, and other finishes on the boxes can impress your customers.  If you do not believe in your creative skill, you can ask for help from packaging designers.

Many packaging manufacturers give discounted deals on Custom Boxes Wholesale and help with designing. You need to do good research beforehand and get an influence from packaging designs on the internet to get an idea for deigning.

Target audience with colors and themes

Going through a product line in a store, the colors grab the attention of the customers. Putting the themes and colors on product packaging gives a representable look and attraction to the package. Colors and themes help in managing the content.

You can impress your customers by using different labeling, text, and color graphics. Also, adding pictures and digital images helps in impressing the customers and influence their buying decision. Colors also have an effect on moods, so studying colors will also be helpful for marketing. Using colors for the packaging according to customer’s preferences can help in business growth.

You can also choose themes and patterns for the box according to events and festivals in the country. But this is not the only purpose of the colors. But there is a big marketing strategy behind the different shades of the spectrum. You can choose and describe target customers with the help of colors.

It sounds simple, but science is crazy, and marketers know this well. According to age groups, genders, occupations, and more, you can easily separate the target audience. Students are commonly attracted to sharp graphics and vibrant colors. In contrast, adults prefer sober design and less graphics and images on the packaging.

Keep it interactive

Another important factor for Custom Boxes USA is its content. Dividing the space on the packaging box and writing the correct information affect the purchasing decision. Also, divide the material into three parts. The first is labeling, including the label logo, brand name, product, and tagline.

The second part of the content includes all the important information like warnings, validity, and expiry, and other important text and icons according to the authority of the states. The third part includes the content and ingredient in the product. Also, make the box interactive and interesting by adding contact details and offers like a free gift on scratching discounts, and more.


The customization of the box can increase your product sales. The cardboard boxes wholesale with the perfect material and designing cannot only influence the customers buying decisions but also protect the product.

Good research on finding the right packaging manufacturer can save much money and give impressive designs for attracting customers. These tips can help you get all your packaging requirements done step by step. You can increase sales by using the correct packaging scheme and styles.

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