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The Best Sexologist in Delhi With High Tech Treatment Facilities.

Not only women but men also encounter many sexual health problems, which result in difficulties having sexual intercourse with the partner. Dr. Chirag Bhandari, a sexologist in Delhi, says,” Men often have to face many challenges regarding their health and sexual activities. Sometimes they find it challenging to share it with their partners or friends. But no one should be conscious about it because there are various ways and treatments available through which it can be treated”. 

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health in Delhi is the best hospital for males who are dealing with infertility problems. They have the most excellent team of experts, including the best sexologist in Delhi, Dr. Chirag Bhandari, who works all together to cure the patients with the help of high-tech treatment facilities and extra care. This best sexologist in Delhi has healed many patients who were suffering from reproductive diseases. 

About The Best Sexologist in Delhi

In his eight years of experience, this best sexologist in Delhi has remedied many patients who were associated with the problems like infertility, problems during sexual intercourse, penis-related issues, etc. After completing his post-graduation, he decided to educate and make people aware of male infertility, so he went to the world’s best college for Male Sexual Health, i.e., University College London Hospital, London, UK. He educated and trained himself thoroughly about factors of infertility in men so that he can help citizens of his country better. 

Qualifications of the doctor.

  • He completed his MBBS and MS from Pune.
  • Obtained a Fellowship in Andrology from University College London Hospital, London, UK.
  • He is a certified andrologist from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.
  • A specialist in Penile Enlargements from South Korea.
  • Also, a specialist in Penile Prosthesis from Wilson Memorial Research and Training Center for Penile Prosthetic Surgery, Seoul.

Treatments Offered By the Doctor.

This sexologist in Delhi offers varieties of treatments based on different sexual problems. 

  1. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation:- This is a treatment to enhance and strengthen the functioning of pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Male Infertility Treatment:- These are given to those patients who suffer from different types of infertility and sexual health problems like low sperm count, problems during intercourse, etc. 
  3. Male Sexual Treatments:- This includes penile rejuvenation therapy, which improves the erection, enhances your performance, and better orgasms.
  4. Penis Enlargement Therapy:- This therapy increases the size of the penis permanently to aspire to psychological as well as physical satisfaction. 
  5. Couple Therapy:- This is the process of building a healthy relationship and understanding between the couples who are facing problems because of sexual relations.

Success Rates

This best sexologist in Delhi has given many successful cases in his career till now and has handled many important stories. The success rate is a results-based theory; if the patients will feel satisfied and show betterment in their journey throughout, then it can be considered as a successful one. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best sexologist in Delhi; not only has he treated many critical patients but also he has won the trust of their patients.

Feedbacks of the Patients

“This sexologist in Delhi is very frank and helpful; I felt so good after consulting with the doctor.” – Ankit

“In IASH, the doctor uses many modern technologies to help their patients, and also, the atmosphere is perfect.”– Rajender

“Doctors of this hospital are very encouraging and keep an eye on their patient’s improvement. This place is the best in my opinion, and I would recommend this hospital to everyone.”– Sandeep 

Location and Contact of the Doctor

The clinic of this sexologist in Delhi is situated in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. To visit the clinic first patients have to take the appointment by going on to their website i.e, https://iashindia.com/, or can call on 9602081813. For any further details, one can also drop a mail at iashindia18@gmail.com  This best sexologist in Delhi also talks to their patients via video calls, chats, and provides them online consultations if needed. So, don’t worry about anything if you’re facing some serious issues related to infertility please consult a sexologist today, he will provide you proper treatment and therapies after examining your situation. 

Problems connected with your sexual parts are very common in this day and age, people should not worry about this anymore. Everyone should step forward and talk about it with their families and take proper treatment. Infertility can occur at any age due to various factors such as excessive smoking and drinking, being overweight, inclusive of any type of drugs, etc. One should avoid these things to stay healthy and positive which will also help in building a strong relationship between the partners. Appropriate treatment and guidance can result in a better and keep your life in a good shape.

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