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The Complete Guide to Smart Video Doorbells

Knock knock. Who’s there? Now with smart video doorbells, you no longer have to ask this one question over and over again. Rather, this smart device gives you the ability to answer your front door from anywhere in the world through its app.

You can further see and speak to your visitors as if you are actually there in person. Isn’t that just amazing? While smart video doorbells, otherwise also known as video camera doorbells, are still relatively new as compared to your traditional security cameras.

That said, these smart devices are becoming increasingly popular, but here’s the question everyone has: how do you decide which video doorbell is right for you? Well, we have compiled a complete guide to smart video doorbells just so you know how to go about purchasing one.

What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

First and foremost, let’s understand what a video doorbell is. This is a smart outdoor camera that’s installed at your front door. It could either hardwired into one’s existing doorbell or is battery-powered.

You will receive notification through its mobile app whenever someone presses the doorbell, or when the camera itself detects some form of motion or a person. This depends on the video doorbell’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

You can further live stream the video feed on the video doorbell’s app to both see and speak to the individual in the camera’s view. You could also communicate with your visitors through a smart TV or smart display device.

In other words, smart video doorbells are electronic devices that allow users to greet people at their doorstep from anywhere in the world vid the device’s respective app.

How Do Video Doorbells Work?

Smart video doorbells work similarly to security cameras when it comes to capturing videos, whether it’s during the day or at night through infrared LED sensors or a spotlight, and audio is heard and spoken from a speaker and microphone.

The video footage is usually stored in a built-in micro-SD card, or on a cloud server. When an individual approaches your front door, the video doorbell will sense the motion and send an alert to your phone, typically via a Wi-Fi connection.

However, certain video doorbells allow landline or cellular backup, meaning these devices communicate with the phone wires or cellular towers that are active during power outages.

Some doorbell cameras utilize artificial intelligence to differentiate between moving objects and people; otherwise, the camera will constantly alert you of every motion, which often leads to you getting one too many unnecessary notifications.

How Are Video Doorbells Powered?

Video doorbells come with different setups, depending on how they need to be connected to power. Wireless video doorbells barely have any requirements, but hardwired video doorbells might need an existing chime or doorbell setup.


When it comes to wireless video doorbells, the setup is pretty much as simple as peel and stick. That said, you still have to worry about its battery life, and will need to purchase new batteries after some time. However, one advantage of getting a wireless video doorbell is even if the power went out, the doorbell is likely to stay on.


Wired video doorbells are usually connected to your existing chime or doorbell setup. This means you will need to get rid of your existing doorbell. Thus might be slightly more complicated if you are renting a place.

The one disadvantage of getting a wired video doorbell is that if your power was to go off, your doorbell will go off as well. This is why it’s best to get a video doorbell that comes with cellular backup. In other words, your video doorbell will no longer use data from Wi-Fi but from cellular towers instead.

Such video doorbells are typically only available that work with a larger security system such as Nest.

Benefits of Smart Video Doorbells

Let’s face it, no one can be home at all times to ward off intruders or burglars; we all have errands to run and jobs to do. This is where video doorbells come in handy because they have the ability to make you feel like you are home whenever you are out.

Moreover, these smart devices will make your life more convenient, as you can always check through its app to find out who’s at the door. You can always prevent your delivery packages from being stolen.

In Summary

Well, in this complete guide for smart video doorbells, you should now be able to understand how these devices function. Moreover, be it convenience or safety, doorbell cameras are one of the best smart home technology out there!

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