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The hard truth about ED

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue that is found in men from all parts of world. It is not an exaggeration to claim that most of the men once in their life have experienced erectile dysfunction. Thus, in such cases resorting to medicines like Fildena 100 is used.




Mostly erectile dysfunction is considered as a disease but here lies the biggest misconception about it. One needs to be careful in understanding the matter erectile dysfunction is a condition not a disease. Many times people consider erectile dysfunction to be a psychological problem but then there are several other underlying health issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction.


Men and penis are often connected to manhood. A man who cannot get proper erection is often considered as less of a man. He is looked doe upon and thus for this reason most of the men find it embarrassing and never share about their this issue. However we need to talk about the issue and not make it a matter of ego for men.


However after knowing the hard truth about erectile dysfunction it

There are hard facts that one needs to know erectile dysfunction:


  1. Erectile dysfunction and blood vessel-

In most cases it is due to underlying vascular (blood vessel) problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction and other serious medical problems. when there is proper blood flow to the prenile muscles of the penis and there is sexual stimulation the person experiences erection.


If there is irregularity in the blood flow it is for sure that there will be no erection. Thus the problem is not with penis or manhood it is the issue, which is making the blood flow irregular.


At times due to underlying health condition or blockage in veins there are chances that the person faces erectile disorder issues. Thus here doctor should be consulted to regulate this issue.


Erectile dysfunction and heart issues- now as we understand that it is due to blood issue we need to understand that erectile dysfunction could indicate any underlying heart issue. The heart pumps the blood but if the heart is unable to pump blood due to blockage in arteries it is a heart attack and is fatal in most cases.


For heart patients it is often said that timely cure and visit to the doctor is the only way out. Thus if you face erectile dysfunction then consulting a doctor could help locating this problem



In several cases it is seen that if the person is given treatment for heart disease on time the chances of survival is high and overall health is maintained. Moreover the prescribed medicines for erectile dysfunction have no side effect on health.



  1. Lifestyle choices matter– many people believe in the theory that men are either born with or due to some accidents are affected by erectile dysfunction. However the fact are that there are several lifestyle choices that we make can result in erectile dysfunction. In such cases where the problem is lifestyle choices the cure is medicine like Cenforce 100 or Vidalista 60.


The food that we intake also has a severe effect and may impact ED. It is preferred that one should increase the intake of fruits, veggies, and fish to reduce the impact of ED.


Processed food or food high is fat content can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disorder, lethargy, hormonal imbalance and thus result in erectile dysfunction.   However we are all getting in the habit of having processed sugar, refined flour, and preservative loaded food thus it affects our health and many men even in their twenties are seen being affected from erectile disorder.


Regular exercise helps to stay fit and healthy and it also helps the person to stay sexually active and not become another target of erectile dysfunction.


Sleep is also a contributing factor for ED. Various researches suggest that there is a relationship between the level of sex hormones and sleep. Better sleep will be the level as compared to the lower level in case of sleeplessness.


  1. Stress, anxiety and other psychological issues:


One most common reason for erectile dysfunction in today’s world is stress, as it may cause depression and anxiety, and both this condition can affect your sex life. This condition can be treated both medically and naturally. Before starting any treatment, the patients should be checked for any physiological effects.


It is a cycle person affected from erectile dysfunction is highly stressed about performance medicines like Vidalista 20 can cure the condition.


However keep in mind that sex is an integral part of life but then it is love that is required for the person to stay healthy and stress free. If the person is affected from erectile dysfunction then treating them with love and affection can actually reverse the problem.


There are medicines like Cenforce 200 that can help the person affected from erectile dysfunction but if the person is not sexually stimulated then the medicines will also not give any result.


Here where few hard facts about the most taboo topic about men’s health. With little care and awareness erectile dysfunction is reversible.

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