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The reliable Forex broker key features to look for

So, here you are, ready to open a trading account with the specially allocated money to try your hand on trading financial markets stock HeatMap. But, after you have just made this excellent and important decision, what can await you around the corner is the hordes of online brokerage services advertised and striving for your attention. The brokerage business is profit-making as well as trading activity. Hence the reason for skyrocketing numbers of newbie traders as well as brokerage companies. To go for the right brokerage service, pay attention to the next several features and spare yourself the troubles by falling into the traps of scammers. 

Is your broker regulated?

This is the priority question to answer before even considering other aspects of their business services. And to answer it, you just need to check the website of a financial regulatory body in charge of your jurisdiction. The Forex broker that complies with the regulations and holds the license is your shield from the fraudulent entities. Therefore, opting for the regulated Forex broker means the security of your funds. Also, it means a higher chance of having the legal resource in case of any disputes with the broker. 

Data security

Besides the regulatory aspect, the security of your data should be the top priority of your Forex broker. Ensure that the company cares about this issue by checking the padlock at the left corner of their website, just alongside the website name in the search engine bar. Moreover, the brokers that hold on to the security of their client’s funds will always go the extra mile by providing them with the two-step verification process when accessing their accounts. And finally, as an investor, you shouldn’t miss the step of reading their privacy policy and thoroughly understand it. If something is unclear to you, don’t shilly-shally to search for help from their client support or another contact intermediary. 

Great client support

Before entrusting your money to the company, put to the test their customer support. Ask them a question via phone or chat bot. And see how they are professional and if they respond in a timely manner. Sometimes, and especially in troubleshooting with withdrawal and depositing, customer support is a make-it-break-it point. 

Fees, commissions, spreads

While there are some Forex brokers charging a commission, many are not. Instead, they profit from spreads. The lower the spread, the better for the trader, so go for the one that offers the lower spreads and make sure they offer the leverage that suits your trading style and sums you invest. For complete rookies out here, make sure you have entirely grasped the meaning of all the fees and costs applied in your trades so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised. Some brokers charge rollover fees which apply if your trading position remains open overnight. Beware of all of these before venturing into trading.

Free trading education

To get to know all the necessary terminology in trading, strategies available, and proper implementation, you will need quality trading materials. The good broker should care about the less experienced clients by offering free trading education along with demo account trading. After some time dedicated to pursuing the ebooks and watching tutorials, your odds of making profits will increase. As well as your self-confidence and ability to predict the trends on the market.

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