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The W-series of the wonderfold wagons

The Wonderfold wagon is an excellent choice for a lot of kids. Parents worldwide rely on this brand to give products they can trust and within a reasonable price tag. Especially models like wonderfold wagon w2 and wonderfold wagon w4 premium have made a significant mark in the market. Even a used wonderfold wagon is an excellent option for many parents.

One of the significant series of wonderfold strollers is the W-Series. The W-Series include the wonderfold wagon w2, wonderfold wagon w4 premium, and wonderfold wagon w1. Although almost all of them have the same features. Today, we will be looking at the models in depth.

Best models of W-Series

There are great models of the W-Series. Let’s dive deeper into what each model has in-store for us.

Wonderfold wagon W4

The first one on the list is the w4; the wonderfold wagon w4 reviews are enough to show that this model is a great one. It can carry up to four kids at once. Two on either side with a total weight of up to 66 pounds per seat. The Wonderfold w4 is an excellent option for parents dealing with either two older kids that need more space and are not ready to leave their wagon or even two little ones and an older one. The options are endless, and one can adjust the seats as one deems fit.

The model also has great adjustable handles that make it super comfortable for parents and anyone who drives them around. They have a five-position setting and can be great for people of all heights. The wagon also comes with a one brake system which can help halt the wagon in case a quick stop is required. The  wagons all have great features, but the w4 premium does stand out.

The model also has an ample amount of storage. Unlike its other models, it has way more storage on the wagon which makes it easier for parents to know if it’s the right one. They have a huge storage basket at the wagon’s back that can fit an entire baby bag. It keeps all the baby essentials in check. Furthermore, Wonderfold wagon w4 also has zippers and pockets on all sides of the wagon.

Wonderfold wagon W2

The next central model in the W-Series is the W2 model. Although smaller than the W4, it is a great model nonetheless. It is designed for two kids in mind. The seats are placed opposite one another so that both children will be facing each other. The seats are removable, washable, and can easily be reclined too. They can hold up to 33 pounds of weight per seat. This is a great one in the W-Series since it also has almost all the features of a w4.

In addition to the above, it has an adjustable sunshade that can slide too. The sunshade can be taken out from its place if not needed. The mesh sides of the W2 are a great addition, too, if you want to let the air pass through. Furthermore, if the weather is harsh, you can close the sides up since it will not allow any dust to enter the wagon and keep your child safe and healthy.

In the Collapsible wagon W2, the storage is not as great as in another model which is the w4. It is so because the w4 is designed for up to four kids. However, the W2 is designed for two kids only. That is why it doesn’t have the large baby basket or storage as the w4 does. Nonetheless, it does have enough storage for two kids, which includes pockets on all sides.

Other models

The W-Series significant models are the wonderfold wagon w4 premium and the wonderfold wagon W2; in addition, there are other models too. Those have almost the same specs except for a few changes. These include the wonderfold wagon w1 and the wonderfold w2.0 and w4.0. Regardless of the model, all of the W-Series is an excellent investment for parents.

General features of the W-Series

The W-Series have standard features, which include the following:-

  • Great storage according to the model.
  • Adjustable sunshade
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • One foot brake system
  • Mesh sides and covers 
  • Reclining, removable and adjustable seats.
Final thoughts

A wonderfold wagon is an excellent option for many parents out there. The entire W-Series comes with great features and specs that can help a parent a lot. If you are interested in buying a wonderfold wagon, then you should look at the ones that have the parts you need. If you have two little ones, then a W2 is best for you. However, if you have older kids or more than two, then w4 is the right choice. Nonetheless, please choose one wisely as it’s an important decision to make for new parents.

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