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Top 3 Styles of Recliners for the Whole Family

Shopping for furniture was something that I avoided for years because of how stressful it was for my family and me.  With so many different styles and options, it is kind of a nightmare for someone indecisive like us!  Since then, I have changed my mind – and a lot of it is thanks to online blogs.

So, today I would like to help out some of the indecisive folks who are reading today!  Recliners are a staple for living rooms or dens, so it is only natural that selecting one can be a bit of a challenge.  With that being said, let us go ahead and dive right into some of the styles that we are likely to see in this upcoming year!

One: Lever Handles

Starting off, we have one of the oldest classics in the book: the lever handle recliner.  You are probably familiar with them already – I think that most of us have had parents or grandparents with one.  My grandfather still loves his, and he pretty much refuses to sit on the couch because of it.

The concept is simple: you can release the footrest by pulling on the lever.  Then, in some models you can simply push the footrest back down with your legs, or you can utilize the lever once again to retract it.  Why are they making such a comeback?

Honestly, I think that we can chalk a lot of it up to the fact that they never really went out of style.  Sure, they may seem “boring” or “antiquated” because they are not equipped with a ton of fancy doodads, but personally that is not what matters to me.  I am much more concerned with whether it will work and do so reliably for long periods of time.  Lever handle recliners may be a perfect match for anyone looking to add a touch of traditionalism to their living room.

Two: Gliders

Shifting gears considerably, let us take a look at one that I consider much more “modern.”  To understand what these are, first you should picture a rocking recliner.  These are a more advanced form of them that allows you to simply glide back and forth, which does feel much smoother than the alternative.

You can find some examples of them here, if you are curious about what they look like.  As with all of the entries on this list, you will be able to select from a variety of patterns and styles.  Personally, I usually go for leather or faux leather (pleather) in muted tones such as black or beige, but do not worry – there are colorful variants as well!

In terms of who these are ideal for, they can really work for anyone who enjoys a nice steady movement while they sit.  Those with young babies might benefit from them if their child enjoys being rocked to sleep (or continuous rocking during their naps).  Obviously, though, it is not limited to them.

Three: Wall Huggers

The final type of recliner that seems to be making a significant comeback is the wall hugger.  As the name suggests, they stick much closer to the wall than the other types, which makes them ideal for anyone trying to decorate in a smaller space.  Realistically, this is a lot of us right now.

You can see from articles like this one that minimalism seems to be sticking around for now.  However, I really think that these chairs will outlast that particular trend because of how convenient they are.  Sure, they might not have the largest range of motion, but that does not mean that we should count them out in terms of their utility.

They are easy to use in terms of popping out the footrest, and because they are not overly bulky, pretty much anyone is able to make them work.  Their simplicity in design also means that you can select from a ton of different fabric types as well as patterns.  I see plaid quite often for them, but of course you can go for a plain selection if that is what you would prefer.

There you have it – some styles of recliners that are looking hot on the market this year!  Hopefully, this has helped to inspire you if you have been unsure which kind to get in your own home.  Of course, there is nothing stopping you from getting more than one, as well – in fact, I know someone who has one for herself and one for her husband and they use them way more than the couch.  The sofa is simply there for guests.

Get out there and find the one of your dreams, if you are in the market for one!  Plenty of retailers offer them on their websites!

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