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Top 5 Brilliant Lawn Sign Ideas

Lawn signs are lightweight, portable, and incredibly affordable. This is why every small and large businesses use lawn signs to target local customers along with the passers-by.

Top 5 Brilliant Lawn Sign Ideas

However, just like any other marketing tool, there are some factors that you should consider to make your lawn sign as attractive as possible. Before you purchase your lawns sign, make sure the color is bold and the fonts are large and readable. Additionally, don’t forget to focus on the visual appearance. You should choose a lawn sign that is simple yet effective and memorable.

You can use lawn signs for different events as they are extremely versatile. In this article, we will discuss 5 brilliant lawn sign ideas. Let’s get started. 

Home Business

Working from home has many advantages. But if you don’t use the traditional retail environment such as lawn signs, you’ll fail to gain the attraction of many people. A well-designed and well-decorated lawn sign will capture the attention of new customers. They are so appealing that people such as neighbors or their visitors won’t fail to notice. Additionally, if you can take a permit, you can even showcase your lawn sign at the nearest major road intersection. Unlike window decals or a large banner, lawn signs are so portable that you can install and remove them easily after you’re done advertising for the day.

Real Estate

Many real estate owners are using lawn signs to increase their sales. As the competition is high, you might feel the hardship to stand out from the crowd. However, here are some real estate lawn sign tips that can help you:

  • Choose an appropriate size and shape. Try to utilize the negative spaces and provide enough room for your messages to increase their visibility. 
  • Make the color scheme attractive. If you want to sell luxurious real estate, try to use burgundy or navy blue color. 
  • You can attach a brochure box. This will contain the details of the property as well as your contact information. 

Garage Sale

As per Arctic Startup, you can advertise the sale of your garage with outstanding lawn signs. Every weekend many people roam here and there to look for a garage. Hence, you should never miss this opportunity. Try to use red and white color or any other bold color scheme. This will allow your lawn sign to become noticeable from a distance. Additionally, avoid using common lawn sign shapes. You can double the impact by choosing a star-shaped or octagon-shaped lawn sign.

Raise Awareness

If you want to capture the attention of people to an important issue, a prominent lawn sign will help you to achieve that. You can include a short but compelling summary of the subject on your lawn sign. This will not only invite other people to join but also help them to know the context of your subject. Don’t forget to include a phone number or website for anyone who wants to receive additional information. 

Parties and Celebrations

Add a little twist to your next family gatherings or parties by purchasing a custom lawn sign. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ party or a birthday party in your house, a bright and attractive custom-designed lawn sign will help your guests to search for the right location. You can also use multiple lawn signs, but this is highly dependent on the size of your event. Multiple signs will guide the people towards the trash can, food stations, or washroom. 


These are the 5 brilliant lawn sign ideas that you should keep in mind. There are other places where you can use lawn signs such as conventions, concerts, home security purposes, school fundraisers, etc. No matter where and when you want to use a lawn sign, don’t forget to make it attractive and eye-catching.

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