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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Coding Languages

The computer-assisted coding market continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Experts expect the coding market to reach a value of $4.75 billion by 2022, with an 11.5 percent compound annual growth rate.

These days, coding language options are more numerous than ever before. Some popular programming languages include JavaScript, Java, and C#.

The most popular coding language currently is Python. Used often for data analysis, Python stands as a general-purpose object-oriented programming language used for machine learning.

Finding the right language to use for your project can be difficult. Here’s a look at five factors to consider when choosing coding languages.

1. Purpose

The first thing to consider when choosing coding languages is the purpose of your project. Are you working on data analysis or data science? Then a machine learning language like Python is probably the way to go.

For web development, JavaScript stands out as the industry leader. It’s built into nearly every website and all modern web browsers. C# is a multi-paradigm coding language. Coders use C# for desktop, mobile, and web apps, as well as game development.

C# OCR from Iron Software provides coders the ability to read text and barcodes from images. You can read OCR PDFs in dot-NET. OCR Supports multiple international languages and the output comes as a plain text string or structured data.

2. Platform

The platform for the program will also narrow your coding language options. If you’re using C and Java as your two coding languages, you’ll need two different executables as well as platform compilers to run C on Windows and Linux.

Java generates a bytecode allowing it to run on any machine with the Java Virtual Machine installed. Websites use a similar setup, allowing them to look and work similarly among the browsers.

3. Performance

The performance of your program will depend largely upon which of the coding language options you land on. When choosing coding languages, consider your application and its users. The development environment needs to offer the right scope for scaling.

The coding language features should allow for scalability. Your application should be flexible enough to handle add-ons without sacrificing performance.

4. Security

Choosing coding languages can come down to security as well. The types of security vary from application to application, so it’s an important factor for the coding language platform. You’ll want to protect your project from cyber threats and hackers.

The C programming language is the backbone of many operating systems. It’s flexible and efficient and stands out among the coding language options for cyber security.

5. Support

When choosing among coding languages, it’s important to consider the available support community. Issues arise during development and you’ll need someone to turn to in order to solve the problem at hand. Knowing the resources out there will play a role in your decision.

Many of these coding languages have articles and tutorials available online. Forums and other community platforms also provide needed support in a pinch. Finding a mentor might also be a valuable approach.

Choosing Coding Languages

Programming remains a rapidly changing field and choosing coding languages can be difficult. The decision will come down to the specific nature of your project, but there are plenty of useful tools on the market to help.

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