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Trending Design Options for Quartz and Granite Countertops

Is it time for new quartz or granite countertops for your Toledo home kitchen? Come visit the showroom at The Countertop Shop and find a world of inspiration for your project.

Big or Small: Add an Island

Add more countertop space to your kitchen by including an island in your renovation. Both quartz and granite are perfect to support your new space!

Bi-layer Counters

Expand your social space by adding an island with a bar-height countertop for serving food. On the food preparation side, the lower countertop provides a place for chopping veggies and blending drinks while talking to your guests.

Square, Circle, or Wedges

Your island does not have to be a standard rectangle. Your custom quartz countertops can be cut in any shape and size to suit your kitchen space. Order an oval or circle to soften a square space. Wedges expand your options in small and complicated floor plans. A square brings depth to your prep and serving surfaces.

Contrasting Granite and Quartz Countertop Colors Bring Sizzle

If you are designing an all-gray or all-white kitchen, but adding another white island in marble or quartz seems boring, mix it up with an opposite color countertop.

Using black or dark gray on the island and a lighter granite back countertop gives depth to the space. Think about introducing an active veined or speckled stone to add warmth to a stark space.

Waterfall and Other Decorative Edges Add 3D Excitement

Does it seem like the side of your island cabinet brings nothing to your kitchen design? Ask about extending your granite countertops down the side to the floor with a waterfall installation. Frame a traditional design with beveled or ogee edges.

Countertop Decor Drama: Speckles, Veins, or a Single Colorway

Today’s granite countertops offer more choices than the ones found in your grandparents’ kitchen. With slabs sourced from around the globe, you can break away from bits of gray, white, and black and explore stunning possibilities.

Granite is found in shades of brown, rust, pink, green, and sometimes blue. Quartz countertops are manufactured to mimic the sleek light gray of marble or the wild veining found in natural quartzite. Bring your imagination when you come to pick out your perfect slab.

The Countertop Shop is local to your Perrysburg home and easy to find on Rte 2 near the Toledo Airport. Come visit us today!

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