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Tumblr Safe Mode Disabling Tricks


Safe Mode in Tumblr has a restriction on some sensitive content and will not allow the users to view it and this being strictly made by tumblr team by just displaying on posts like this tumblr may contain sensitive media, basically social media is the most powerful platform where a lot of information can be found and this can be age-restricted and some adultery info, and so most of the social media sites are having some limited restrictions to sensitive content.

This can be moreover viral content available, and so millions of users are into using these media sites and a small content can virally circulate in many users dashboards and this can show a lot of impact on them if not restricted as per age, and if you are above 18 years, so this can be used in a matured way how to turn safe mode off in your tumblr account and there are many techniques and smart ways to make the sensitive content available to users who are matured enough to gain knowledge than sensitive content.

Know about Tumblr safe mode

As we all know that Tumblr made safe mode for all users compulsory and a lot of sensitive content is being more useless and so they had decided to make it disappear and they made the safe mode system functionality button got removed for all account users and this made all the users will be automatically restricted from the sensitive content and many of the blog users got restricted into their blog accounts due to posting sensitive content there.

And many of the users who are matured are not interested to get restricted on this tumblr may contain sensitive media and so they want to enjoy the posts, and to make that happen we are now going to discuss the way of how to turn tumblr safe mode off.

How to do it for Browsers:

  1. Browse to main site then give your login credentials of tumblr account. When we get this tumblr may contain sensitive media on any post
  2. just click on the menu found over the account icon now click on the Settings option from this menu. Go to setting option and just go down.
  3. Here comes the Filtering button and go to toggle button then turn off the Safe Mode by disabling it.

And after making this simple procedure the content which is being restricted is visible to the user.

How to do it for iOS

  1. In iOS just go to settings that can be opened by clicking on “Tumblr” title.
  2. After getting into the setting just click on the safe mode option available
  3. And then there can be many texts, choose Don’t Hide Anything as the option to make the Safe Mode off.

How to do it for Android

  1. This is as easy as we did for browser, so initially, we need to download the tumblr app first from the play store, if you are already having this downloaded then go with the next step
  1. Here to go the setting icon available in the app and then click on the Filtering toggle button available there and just by clicking on it can take you out of the restricted mode form the sensitive content to view into this tumblr may contain sensitive media restriction removed.

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