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A Guide On Changing Your Motorcycle Tires

Just as you would with any vehicle, the tires on your motorcycle will occasionally need changing. Learning how to change your motorcycle tires on your own is important, but it isn’t a very complex process if you follow this guide.

Lifting And Stabilizing Your Bike

Before you begin with the process of changing your tire, you need to be able to get your motorcycle off the ground and stable enough to handle what you plan on doing. This is where using a motorcycle jack comes in handy, and learning how to do that properly is an important step on its own. We won’t get into the details here, but will advise that you ensure that the bike is secure and stable before you proceed.

Removing The Wheel And Deflating The Old Tire

Whether the tire is flat, or it’s simply time to change it before it causes trouble due to wear and tear, you will need to take off the old tire. This isn’t a complicated task but may require some work. First, get the wheel off the motorbike entirely, and place the old tire and wheel on a work surface. Use a valve core tool to release air from the tire and deflate it substantially. This will make the next steps a lot easier.

Removing The Tire 

Before removing the tire, take note of the wheel’s spin direction, because you will need to install the new tire that way. Use a solution of half water and half dish soap to keep everything lubricated. By using a bead breaker, you should be able to detach the inner edge of the tire from the wheel. Keep spraying the bead with soapy water to keep it from reattaching as you work your way around the wheel. Use the soapy water generously to help you remove the tire from the wheel entirely.  You can also use silicone lubricant instead of soapy water. You will need to repeat the process on the other side of the wheel.

Installing A New Tire

You’re nearing the end. Use a silicone lubricant (like WD-40) to line the inner walls of the new tire well. Make sure the spin direction of the wheel is in the same direction the old tire was placed, and use tire irons to pry in the tire onto the wheel. You will need to work relatively quickly, going around the  wheel. As before, repeat on the other side to attach the tire completely. Then, use an air pump to slightly inflate the tire (not fully), until the bead has popped in place (you’ll hear it). Pump ceramic dust into the tire, and then install the valve stem. Make sure it is securely tightened before you inflate the tire to the recommended pressure. Now You can reinstall the wheel to your motorcycle.

As you can see, changing a tire on your motorcycle is not a very complicated process, nor should it take you long. You can be done within an afternoon, and there’s no need to hire a mechanic for this.

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