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Valorants competitive scene is shaping up for 2023.

The roadmap for Valorant this 2023 looks rather promising, as Riot Games seems to have a lot in store for the shooter when it comes to adding more competitive aspects to the game. The changes Riot Games are looking to introduce this year are aimed at helping more up-and-coming talent gain a pathway to more of their international events and create more domestic leagues to hone them. Riot Games also have new in-game modes, new leagues, and more in mind. However, most of the changes we’ll see for 2023 are geared toward the esports side of Valorant. The company wants to create a more stable competitive ecosystem incorporating long-term partnerships with other organizations—not just to make more Valorant skins for their in-game shop.

Select Teams Won’t Have to Pay Participation or Entry Fees

Riot Games decided to forego any entry fees for the tournament for selection organizations. To foster Valorant’s competitive ecosystem and secure long-term success for the game, they don’t want any starting orgs to cough up the dough just to join their events. What’s more, Riot’s also slated to launch a selective application process—one that would assist them in identifying which long-term partners are right for them and who will also help them nurture domestic competition.

The teams with Valorant accounts who meet Riot Games’ standards will be given financial aid through annual stipends and exclusive opportunities to collaborate on in-game products. That way, the team members—who can also double as social media influences—can grow their own ecosystem and audience in their respective regions. They’ll also be given esports-branded content, which they can distribute to the public.

Domestic Leagues Are Coming

New domestic leagues are set to make their way to Valorant this year. In this league, the cream of the crop from all regions competes with the other bests from other regions. It provides a pathway for homegrown talent, and the players can finally get the recognition they deserve once they prove themselves on the competitive stage. The players will duke it out in Valorant’s in-game competitive mode, providing opportunities for aspirants that want to go international.

Three New International Leagues Make Their Way to Valorant

Last year, Riot Games announced that there would be three new international leagues for Valorant. These will feature a week-over-week competition between some of the best teams worldwide. For those that are keen on watching esports, the competition is scheduled to be held on LAN and will be hosted in front of a live audience.

The best team from each league in 2022 will automatically qualify for Valorant Champions towards the end of the season and two International Masters events. Among all of the competing teams, there can only be one roster that can be crowned as the best in the world. Jhon Needham, the head of esports operations at Riot Games, stated that they would support organizations and teams to grow alongside Valorant. He said that Riot wants to build the top level of competition, as it would mean more events and exciting matches that will thrill audiences and millions of fans around the globe.

A New Competitive In-Game Mode

The developers of Valorant will introduce a new competitive in-game mode that’ll soon be accessible to play through the official client. And before you say it, no, it’s not Swiftplay—the upcoming competitive mode is designed so that it’ll finally allow the best talents in the world to get the recognition they deserve. As such, this mode will act as an existing leaderboard, a system within the game that’ll offer more incentive for upcoming players to try their hand at being the best. With this, esports aspirants will have a new goal to work towards and grind for the very top.

The Scheme of it All

Here’s what Riot Games is planning for Valorant’s esports in a nutshell: give more opportunities for players to qualify for professional play, expand the current Game Changers systems/Challengers to have more players with Valorant accounts from other countries, add three new international leagues, and finally, facilitate global events consisting of top-tier competition. That’s about it. We’re already looking forward to the tense matches between the world’s best players. If you think you’ve got the skill (and heart), this might be your best chance to make your dreams of going pro come true.

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