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Watlow Heaters

The heating of oil and liquids during manufacturing oftentimes needs to be managed in a controlled environment to avoid unwanted reactions, uncontrolled temperatures and to maintain safety parameters for all involved, especially for personnel working on a regular basis around such materials being treated. No surprise then, the equipment used for heating and temperature control need to be high quality, manageable, easily controllable and consistent in performance. Variations even to the slightest bit can create serious operational risks both for manufacturing processes as well as employee safety.

Heating Options for All Types of Scenarios

Watlow has a wide variety of heater equipment available that solve this challenge meeting all the criteria a manufacturer would expect and exceeding them with every operation these include:

  • Immersion style heaters are ideal as they provide a direct contact with the material to be heated, whether through contact or via in-line exposure. This allows both a conductive and radiant distribution of heat based on the proximity of the gas or liquid to the heating element.
  • Flange style heaters allow direction connection to the flow line of the material movement, typically in the form of a bolt on application. This is an ideal approach with gas lines, for example, with material in transit between holding and production processes.
  • Circulation heaters allow for a distribution and reflow by moving liquids through a heating element and out again into a holding tank. This approach allows for re-heating of the entire capacity of a holding tank or liquid container versus just one portion, a key factor in unequal heating loss that occurs otherwise and triggers an inconsistency in liquid temperature.
  • Heat exchangers are available in multiple options and sizes, which provide for effective gas heating with in-line applications as well as bolt-on additions. This keeps the subject gas contained, temperature-controlled, and safe from exposure to employees and work environments near the gas treatment area.

In every application, Watlow heating options provide a professional, high-quality control of temperature change for production processes, applicable to the type of production material being used. In addition to the above, Watlow also carries and provides for contact heating and radiant assembly line elements which are ideal for temperature control of solid materials as well. This can be extremely useful for preparation of raw materials in a production setting, or for curing after form and treatment processes where heat provides the finalization of the manufacturing cycle.

A Dedication to Long-Term Performance

All of Watlow’s heating elements are manufactured to the highest qualities and standards for industrial application and usage. That ensures longevity, reliability and consistent performance as expected for high production facilities. Not only does Watlow provide the above in multiple product lines, their expert team also provides specialist guidance in application, production process system design for heater implementation and modification, and specialized produced support as well. Utilizing a Watlow heating product isn’t a one-time affair; their support and expert help library gives manufacturing design a robust advantage from the beginning of a heating implementation to end system support and maintenance, always.

To find out more about Watlow heating options and choices, contact Seagate Controls, a prime dealer of Watlow products and supplies.

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