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Ways to Eat Desserts Without Gaining Those Extra Pounds

We strongly believe in a healthy diet, but let’s face it, desserts are one of the best ways to end a delicious meal. Eating sweets first rather than going the traditional route of eating after your meal (or food) can actually lead to reduced weight.

Therefore do not leave sweets and desserts. Instead, keep in mind these tips and tricks that you can use to sweeten your day a little without affecting your health by overfilling calories, fat and sugar. Here are some ways to eat desserts without gaining those extra pounds.

Work Out Just a little Every Day

One study found that moderate exercisers who workout for about 30 minutes a day lose more weight than hard-core exercisers. Why? Because people exercising for one or more hours a day eat large portions and snacks, and walk less due to fatigue. So achieve your fitness goals. Just enjoy your single-part desserts and try to get 120 minutes of cardio each week.

Have Dessert Once a Week

Consider being part of your favorite cake every weekend instead of every day. This way it will probably be your favorite because you don’t have it more often. Consider how many calories you do not have to shed by sweating in the stinky gym working outside. Umm close to 1,500. Losing one pound means burning 3,500 calories more than you consume. So you can technically lose one pound every two weeks – or about 25 pounds in a year. How about an online cake delivery in dehradun or wherever you reside? (strictly once a week!)

Update Your Ingredients

Your favorite dessert can be made with better ingredients and still taste good! With a little effort on searching your favorite dessert online in a healthy way, you can imagine real-food versions of any dessert. Yes, you’ll face a bit of trial and error when learning to bake with various flours, sugars, and fats, but how you look and feel with the use of nutrient-dense, natural ingredients can make a huge difference. So, if you want to eat your desserts, it;s time to upgrade your ingredients.

Cut the Dessert Portions

Some of the treats, such as chocolate, chips, cookies and ice cream, are so enticing that we cannot eat just a small portion. Buy single serve sweets and treats so that the portion is controlled for you. Other ways to limit portions are to purchase pint-sized containers, and serve ice cream in a cone. Yes, it’s the best way to control your diet.

Know your limits

We all have some sweets that can be extra tempting to eat extra. They are the ones who, for whatever reason, cause you to stumble out of the door and self-control.

Sweets in the tough category are kept out of the house and saved for special occasions. Date nights are also a great time to enjoy desserts that are in your kitchen all day without fighting temptation. So, know your limits before you eat a whole bucket of ice cream or sweets.

Freeze your favorite treats

Simple foods can turn into tasty treats in the freezer. For fresh summer treats, try freezing a container of yogurt, fruit, or 100% fruit juice tossed in a paper cup that everyone will like. Keep your frozen bags ready whenever you want as a topping on ice cream or make smoothies and sorbets with a little juice or low-fat yogurt.

Eat your dessert before 8 pm

Eating shortly before bed is one of the safest ways to put on extra pounds. When you take a bunch of extra calories, fat and sugar (aka energy) a few hours before bedtime, it will not be used because you are not sleeping. And where does glucose go from your late-night treatment when it is not needed for activity? … It gets stored as fat.

Your body does not need (nor should) energy from food before sleeping. In fact, eating before bed makes it difficult for your organs to relax, digest and repair properly. So be watchful and try to get all your food in 2-3 hours before going to bed.

So, whenever you are craving for a dessert, eat it instead of watching calories ( keeping the above points in mind). Happy eating! Healthy eating!

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