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What Are the Different Types of Headstones That Exist Today?

82% of middle-aged and elderly adults believe that a proper funeral service is an important tribute after losing a loved one. This includes selecting among the different types of headstones.

In this article, we discuss the different kinds of grave markers available in the death care industry. We discuss custom headstones, custom monuments, and the best memorial products. Continue reading to learn how to properly commemorate the life of a loved one.

Upright Headstones

Out of the different types of headstones, upright grave markers are among the most commonly chosen in the death care industry. They sit with the die (the stone tablet) vertically from the base.

It’s possible to add companion upright headstones if two people are buried next to each other. Families can make these custom monuments by the top they select (available in various shapes) and the font and text chosen.

Slant Headstones

Slant headstones are similar to upright grave markers. While they stand vertically at the back, the front of the die is angled. These are the best memorial option if you don’t want a base.

The reason these don’t require bases is because of their sturdy nature. There is more surface area to support the headstone. These types of headstones can be made larger as well for additional graves under one headstone.

Flat Headstones

Flat headstones do not protrude from the ground like other grave markers used in the death care industry. These are custom headstones in that they can be level with the ground or slightly raised above it by a few inches.

These are the best memorial option for those wanting a long-lasting headstone that is at low risk of falling over. These are easy to customize with a loved one’s name and any other information desired.

Memorial Benches

While less common than some of the other grave markers used, memorial benches are a unique option. These are the best memorial choice for those that want a place to sit at a gravesite.

These are also great options for memorials located in places other than a cemetery. They are very versatile. Websites like offer a variety of custom headstones and custom monuments such as memorial benches.

Wing Headstones

Wing headstones offer a place to put a vase or other memorial object. They consist of two dies, also known as the wings, that surround a plinth (a pedestal) where you can place the vase or object.

Since these tend to be larger custom monuments, they can include more information. Some families decide to add the family name, individual(s) name(s), and other personal information.

Children’s Headstones

One of the most difficult selections to make is for a child’s headstone. These tend to be custom headstones to commemorate the life of the child lost too quickly.

These can be crafted into a child’s toy or favorite animal. They can also be carved into a granite heart.

Understand the Types of Headstones

The different types of headstones can be confusing to choose between. Whichever custom monument style you select, it will be a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a loved one.

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