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What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems That Exist Today?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, households spend roughly $2,000 a year on their utility bills. No matter how much you try and cut costs, there are no changes to your monthly bills.

However, it may not be due to your practices at home. What could the reason be? Your HVAC system.

Depending on your location and home size, your HVAC equipment is responsible for most of your energy consumption. But you’ll need to find the perfect unit for your household needs.

If you’re curious about HVAC systems for your home, take a look at our breakdown of the various types you can choose from.

Split Systems

Split systems are a common choice among homeowners. It consists of two units; one for heating and another for cooling.

Your home size will depend on where the units will get placed. They may get put on your roof or outside your home.

The cooling units use refrigerants, compressors, and coils to cool the air sucked in by the system. A fan then expels the hot air. That’s why your home stays cooler during the warmer months.

However, during the winter months, your furnace uses gas to heat your home. A thermostat is installed with the system so you can adjust the temperature of the area. So environmental factors won’t disturb your home’s warmth.

Zoned HVAC

A zoned HVAC system lets you heat and cool individual areas of your home by using dampers inside the ductwork. So you’ll be able to create customized comfort in your home according to your needs.

An essential part of these systems is the return air grille. They help regulate and filter the air in your home. However, you’ll need to clean them every four months if you want to maintain the efficiency of your system.

A zoned HVAC system can also help save money each month. How? Since the dampers block air from reaching certain rooms, you’ll no longer waste energy heating or cooling unnecessary areas in your home.

Smart HVAC

Smart HVAC systems have been around for some time but have gotten more popular in recent years. You’ll be able to connect these systems to your home’s Wi-Fi and control its functions from a mobile device.

So depending on if you were home or away, you could adjust the settings accordingly without changing the thermostat physically. Smart HVAC systems can also sense movement in the home.

So they will turn on or off in specific rooms if anyone is in there. It’s another great way to save money on your utility costs.

These Are the Various HVAC Systems

As you can see, there are multiple HVAC systems that you can choose from. Figure out your home’s energy consumption needs, and then talk to a professional about the ideal system you should get.

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