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What are the Duties of a Quantity Surveyor?

If you did more or less on  internet about what are the Duties of a Quantity Surveyor in 2020, the most important thing will be clear that QS have la lot of duties. 

As an example, you can consider a Quantity Surveyor like an umbrella phrase that  covers many duties that may conduct over the course of the job during he/she wear many hats in different stage of construction project.

To satisfy your more queries about what is a Quantity Surveyor then please go back to read our last blog post where we explained this question’s answer.

One more thing is that here we categorize the Duties of a Quantity Surveyor into two divisions as main and additional to learn them without make you confused in any way.

What are the main duties of a quantity surveyor?

From our researched we get lots of choices to set as a Quantity Surveyor’s first main duties to perform in a construction project which is price/forecast the cost of the different material needed for the project. 

Quantity or material take off  also related with cost planing and cost management as being the economists of the construction industry or construction cost consultants.

In order to these duties a quantity surveyor use the design drawing to measure the number of quantities that will be required for the project.While he is the central to the decision-making process  throughout the development of a project from initial to final completion, he starts with how many bricks, concrete and steel might in  handed project.

The task of the making construction schemes and costs of alternative design are the duties of the quantity surveyor during the measurement process to produce a bill of quantities in a methodical way to advise building owners and architects on the probable costing.

Here, skill and accuracy during the measurement phase are crucial to the correct bidet being allocated in the next stage by preparing cost plans for the project that enable the design team to arrive at practical design for the project and to stay within budget.

At the list of most essential duties Quantity take-off take second important position which will be required to do which is estimating. Yet, estimating use takes the quantities to build up the pricing for the project. 

As example-In a construction we need 10 cubic meters of concrete and the cost is $100 per cubic meter of concrete.So, the cost of the concrete will be $1,000 for the delivered task. 

In the course of preparing cost estimate and cost plan of the development project a QS also advise on cost estimate in relation to design which cover all the materials, plan and labor within the estimated rates for the project. 

For overall business and project profitability this step is essential which help to lessen the uncertain risks on the way of completion of the construction project.

Throughout the reviewing construction plans and preparing quantity requirements another key duty of Quantity Surveyor is finding the correct market rates for the quantities is called procurement as sourcing of pricing for the materials or packages of works from the market in order to put the total cost of a project together during to the running period.

With simple words to understand the QS duties find out that what are the points may entail is dissecting the project work we have mentioned above previously in various fields.

For better understanding go through this example-sending the plumbing works to the plumbing companies or may be carpentry package to a carpentry company.And these companies will return their price or quote to the work on the job after rechecking of the bill of quantities or specification documents by A expert quantity surveyor.


In the meanwhile of estimating stage QS looked into again crucial to the profitability of the project to capture all the costs including labor, materials, plants, overheads, insurance and bonds to meet practical project design and stay within budget.

Because of this larger budget cost can be really amount to a lot of money to  organize, plan and strategize. To do this task required skill which comes from years of experience of the estimator or a quantity surveyor.

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