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What Are the Main Types of Windows for Your House?

Are you looking for new windows for your home?

You might feel surprised to find out there are quite a number of options on the market. There are many different types of windows to choose from and each one serves a different purpose. They also cost differently and offer different pros and cons.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make the right choice. Continue reading our rundown of the types of windows and discover which one fits your needs and budget today:

Double-Hung Home Windows

A double-hung window is among the most common types in the country. This window features a vertical pair of tracks and two sashes that can both slide up and down. A sash refers to a glass window pane with a frame.

Did you know that over 1.4 million burglaries occur per year? One of the main entry points is an open window. A double-hung is among the most susceptible types of windows because of its easy-to-access design.

One good work around this is to add a sound alarm to your window.

You can also get a double-hung window with muntins. Muntins are grids added to a window. You can either opt for individual muntins or an overlay that simply goes on top of the large glass pane.

Single-Hung Home Windows

These look and function like double-hung windows, but only one of the sashes moves. The other remains in place. Because of the fewer moving pieces, this is a great alternative if you want a traditional home window but on a budget.

But why opt for hung windows in the first place?

First, these are energy-efficient windows. It’s easy to open them or keep them shut to control the temperature of your home. They are also quite affordable and quite common, meaning a lot of installation companies offer them.

Single and double-hung windows also use vertical tracks, meaning they won’t build up dirt and debris. However, the one issue is that you do need to consistently maintain the tracks. Otherwise, they can become difficult to move.

Casement Window Styles

Not a fan of windows that slide up and down? You might want to consider casement windows then. These are the ones that swing horizontally.

Unlike the previous types, these don’t require tracks. Instead, they rely on hinges on the side, similar to a door.

You’ll find single-type casements, where you only have one sash swinging and its lock is on the frame by the wall.

There are double casement windows where they both have to close so you can lock them. You’ll also find double casement windows with a steel bar vertically in between them, allowing you to open and lock each window separately.

Awning Residential Windows

Ever been to a bathroom and seen the small windows that swing upwards, but only to a certain extent when you open them? These are awning windows and the main purpose is to let air circulate but also keep sunlight and rainwater out. The rain will simply slide down the diagonal window pane instead of washing inside the room.

These windows don’t cost much, but they’re also not the kind you’d want for efficient energy control. They don’t let in a lot of sunlight, either. These are windows for kitchen exhausts and bathrooms.

However, they can serve a good purpose in a bedroom.

Add awning windows at the top portion of your wall. Now you can lock your normal windows but keep the awning ones open for better air circulation! They’re also too tight and small for burglars, so you don’t have to worry about the dangers of keeping a window open.

Sliding Windows

If you’re looking for something classical and great for letting the sunlight in, you can’t go wrong with sliding windows. These are often huge panes of glass and they also use tracks, like hung windows. However, the tracks are on the bottom and top portions of the frame, meaning you will need to keep them clean.

However, sliding windows are susceptible to break-ins and they don’t manage heat very well. That said, they can be a great addition to your home, especially if you want a modern-traditional or old-school traditional design.

Fixed Types of Windows

If you want a divider or a wall with windows you can’t move or open, you’re looking for fixed windows. These are static and often require a sturdier type of glass.

Why invest in fixed types? These are great options for room dividers or homes with glass walls. You can also use them for your garden.

There are two different versions of this as well. You can fix stained-glass windows, which offer an artistic flair to a room, and you can also invest in skylights.


Do you want bright light in your room without the need for ceiling lights? Consider getting ceiling windows or skylights. These are windows fixed to the ceiling, meaning you can’t open them, and simply stay there to allow more sunlight to naturally light up your room.

Of course, these are quite complicated to install. You’ll need experts, like the people at Colorado Classic Exteriors, to get the job done for you. Getting replacement windows for a skylight is no easy task either.

This guarantees safe and proper installation. Without their expertise, your skylight might not last long. These windows have to withstand constant exposure to the elements, particularly to heavy rain.

Glass Blocks

If you want sturdy, opaque windows for better privacy, consider getting glass blocks. This is a type of window installation using smaller squares of thick glass combined with concrete. You can have a wall of tiny square glass blocks, allowing sunlight to enter, but outsiders can’t get a view inside.

Get the Right Windows For Your Home Now

Now you know the different types of windows to install in your home. From double-hung windows to glass blocks, there is always something new to try out. Of course, it’s better to rely on experts to install them for you instead of going down the DIY route.

Of course, home improvement doesn’t stop with window replacements and designs. For more real estate ideas, we invite you to go over more of our guides. We also have lists tackling technology, health and fitness, and more!

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